Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finding an Alternative to a Favorite @ Rodded (Hollywood)

A few nights ago, I was quizzed about which place in Thai Town was my favorite (Ord Noodles) and which place was my backup place to go in case something happened to my favorite.

I didn't have an answer for the follow-up question. So now I really need to find one since Ord Noodles became a sensation earlier this year as the place was taken over by hipsters who either read Jonathan Gold's review or have just decided that this place was the "cheap" place. Can't take it those chances anymore.

Rodded (correctly spelled Rodded and pronounced like Rod-Ded) was a possible choice as it seemed to be popular with loyal customers. They all seemed to scream "Duck Noodle Soup" as I came to find out when I did a research about this place. Without hesitance, I took up on the challenge.

The place is a bit off from Thai Town and is local across the street from a very pretentious coffee shop frequented by wannabe Hollywood writers. Eww, as I am already wondering if this place is crawling with hipsters. With all the option of Thai food in Hollywood Blvd, this was on the other end on the westside towards Vine Ave.

The place is a front shop on the first floor of a building which could be apartments or office above the restaurants. Interior of the place screamed out deli dinner with no much zip of an appeal to speak of. It was going for that low maintenance decor that will spelled out the cheap price for you.

As I was greeted by a very friendly person who works the wait staff, I glanced the menu for that elusive "Duck Noodle Soup" people had been screaming of. I was surprised the varieties of difference choices of noodles and type of noodle dishes out there.

For instance, you can actually pick and choose from five different types of noodles. The selections were yellow egg noodle, thin rice noodle, fat rice noodle, one that looked like a spaghetti noodle, and glass noodle (which cost 50 cents extra).

I took my shot at the glass noodle with the #31 selection of Duck Noodle Soup. There were plenty of other noodle dishes and other rice dishes. However if you are for Thai Cuisine dishes or veggie that associated with the traditional Southern style Thai cuisine. But hey, I was there and psyched for the duck noodles!

I was not disappointed at all. This thing was absolutely one of the better tasting glass noodle dish I had in ...I don't know...quite a long time. It's even better than Coffee Sapp on the end of the same street. What's so different about this handmade noodle was the fact that it was made perfect for that soup. It was a little bit oily, but not too greasy to a point where you can't drink the soup.

Duck Noodle Soup with Glass Noodle

The soup broth was heavy on the soy sauce with a pinch of green onions and good portions of bean sprouts with generous toppings of sliced duck made it all the worthwhile. Probably would have worth a gander for me if I tried a different soup, but it's all duck soup with duck and you couldn't go wrong with the #31 selections.

Another great thing was that the meal of that noodle soup was only $5.25 which was a bargain considering how much some of these noodle places cost (Asa Ramen cost $7.95 with no egg). I also added in an order of Thai Iced coffee that came in a beer mug for only $1.75.

To top those off, I also got a deep fried fish balls with special sauce for about $4.95. The total meal only cost $14 with the appetizer almost the same price as the noodle, so you can imagine eating cheaply at this place without a starter.

Deep Fried Fish Balls with special sauce

The service was very friendly throughout and it looked like it get a lot of locals around here with an occasional fallouts from the coffee shop across the street.

I have to say that I'm excited I found a good back up choice in case Ord Noodles became unbearable with the long wait for a table or being full capacity. With the five different types of selections of noodles, I can't wait to go back and try all five noodles.

As in for the hype for the duck noodle soup? It is definitely a must order at least one time. It was delicious.

Rodded Restaurant
5623 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 962-8382


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