Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sushi @ Tsukiji (Gardena)

There is something about birthdays you always want to make sure you get it right. It's not always about getting the gift you want, but also making sure the food you will taste that day to be memorable. Hey, I'll take the gift too if it was stuff with a duffel bag worth of green backs. Alas, it was always the same sock and sweaters.

Luckily for me this year turns out a lot better than last year.

This year I get to choose where I want to go. Last year I had the so so Kan Pai, a Taiwanese Beer House in Rowland Heights. This year I have to do some diligence so I don't felt like a sour sap again. It was not bad at all, but I just bear another sad drinking binge. So I went with the sure thing on my search.

This place was recommended by one of my friend who was very good at recommending sushi place in South Bay. She is usually very reliable as she had tried out tons of place before and this was the only sushi bar that didn't disappoint her. So I decided once and for all to hit this place. If it suck, it would fall squarely on her shoulders.

Tsukiji Restaurant described by the fellow bloggers as a place named after one of Japan's biggest fish markets/distributors. So in essence they should be able to serve fresh fish to uphold the reputation of their namesake. The pressure is definitely on for these sushi chefs to do just that.

Arriving to the destination, the parking lot entrance is a little tight with narrow lanes to enter and exit the parking lot. But on this evening, it is a little easy to find the parking space as the plaza is very light compares to the other day.

I fully took Hana's suggestion of skipping the rolls and ordered the sushi. In short ordered, I had ordered Eel, Sea Eel, Salmon, Mackerel, Sea Urchin, Shrimp, Halibut, and Yellow Tail:

For a good measure I also added Sea Urchin & Eel Tshimi bowl with a tempura . Finishing it off with a bowl of hot udon soup:

Sea Urchin& Eeel Tshimi


Hot Udon Soup

Of course people are wondering if I actually ate all that all by myself... the answer is absolutely. And I loved it! OK OK, I got help with the sushi and my friends did ordered their own sushimi bowl and other dishes.

Oh, we also ordered appetizers too. Yikes you say, gotta also check out their fresh iced cold tofu, this is every dieters' dream where they serve something very fresh where this little thing is fantastically perfect to start off the dinner.

Ice Cold Tofu

The big rave in the appetizers that was suggested by the staff was the Stuff Lotus in Tempura. This is a must try when you get in there. The lotus is excellently wrapped in a tempura battered with a tad of salt and sauce, it was a stop in time when you took that first bite. Okay, maybe exaggeration on my part, but I did have a moment of observance at that point.

Stuffed Lotus Tempura

The service was excellent. It is a very small place with probably only two tables with two other smaller tables on their private mat space. There are also some counter seats which I suggest getting because of the interaction with the sushi chef. The man was delightful and entertaining for the night. Of course it better be if we are going to drop a bucket on this. Let's put it delicately, I didn't pay because it's my B-day, but it did went north of $150 for three people, which was considered not bad for that pricing.

After tasting those fresh sushi, I wondered why it took me that long to taste such a fresh raw fish, but yet totally addicted afterward. I'm wondering if I was scammed all these years by going to Kabuki or some other rundown all-you-can-eat seafood buffets.

No more I say!

This was one of the best meal I had in quite awhile. Now I have all a whole new mission afterward. My conquest begins to find another sushi restaurant that would parallel to this place. It's hard to find, but I'll begin that quest soon.

Hot Miso Soup

Needless to say, I concur with my friend Hana in reaffirming this place get a solid high grade in my book too.

Tsukiji Restaurant
1745 W Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 323-4077


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