Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lesson Learned: Cooking Ramen

This is what I dread the most whenever I got off work late....restaurants everywhere are closed by 10pm.

So what is there for a single guy who lived by himself that couldn't mooched off his parents or have a honey cooking for him at home? If you have to think, then you never lived by yourself. For every man out there, Hungry Man and Microwave oven are considered our life preservers.

For me I wanted something more.

Enter the usual suspects for me in my kitchen. These imports had saved me in the past when I was much more poorer and have little palate. It's cheap and it is fast. No, I'm not talking about panini or some dog crap called bento sushi. I'm talking about ramen (not the silly cup-o-noodles or Top Ramen fiasco).

Look at these arrays of choices I have for dinner. I usually have better choices, but for tonight, these are what I'm down to. It's a shame really and I had to go with the one with a panda bear croutons (bottom left corner).

Guess which pack I decided to pick?

If I had any decency, I would had gone with the ramen packs on the right hand side. Then again I had no shame where I just wanted a decent noodle with the cute panda bear.

The cute little panda bear crutons magically appear in your noodle

As you can see these little suckers showed up once your pour hot water into the mix. Do I enjoyed it or just looking to continue tormenting my soul & appetite?

Well, after all this, I pretty much answered why I eat out a lot and why I do not enjoy cooking. Yes, I can follow all the recipes on that is submitted on Food Buzz, but why in the hell would I put up so much work for the same price I would had paid in a restaurant? I rather let others do the work.

If you haven't guessed it, eating in are not the same as in eating out. There are just no substitute for single guys unless there is a honey out there who enjoyed cooking.

The grade for this fiasco would have been an easy C grade. Guys, just eat out!


Unknown said...

You're hilarious!! Sound like one of my brothers. lol

Right Way to Eat said...

Hi Desmone007,

Hahaha. *sigh* It was one of those nights that I don't have anything to cook except those ramen packs. LOL