Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Check Marked Finally at Jean-Georges Beverly Hills

Here's an interesting fact...

I have never been to any of Jean Georges's restaurants. It's not lack of trying as I was a big admirer from afar. Especially the menu items are so Instagram worthy which you swore his food was made for that platform. This is why I'm so happy to finally check mark this place in my list.

Restaurant space
Inside of the Restaurant

Several interesting notes when visiting his namesake restaurant in the luxury hotel of Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. One, the parking is valet only. Steep one for four hours. Self parking at the hotel next door will triple the price in that four hour span, so you might as leave your car with the valet in front of the hotel/restaurant.

Second, the famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten actually have another place on the rooftop of the hotel. That menu is more geared towards lounge bite sets. Heard it was popular among the young hip crowd who love the rooftop pool scenes.

Caviar on Egg White Toast
Toasted Egg Yolk With Caviar

To our esteemed classic French restaurant with his namesake Jean-Georges Beverly Hills, this menu has several inspirations and touches that revolves around California seasoned ingredients that mixed with traditional French cooking techniques.

Sweet Corn Soup

His most well known dish many have come to expect was his Toasted Egg Yolk with Caviar. This one little starter will always win the Instagram photo contest. Several other things to ponder in this elegant, huge open space of a restaurant was their cocktail drinks. The patio setting gave an intimate setting to classy upscale atmosphere inside the big beautiful open space.

Seared Sea Bass
Roasted Black Bass

While you digest the toasted egg yolk caviar while immersing yourself in this relaxing atmosphere, you will also love the different classic cocktails that are presented here. Some are inventive, while most of the drinks are keeping it recognizable for the unconcerned crowd. So you can obviously see that majority of the clientele tends to know what they want before looking at the cocktail menu. That probably got my attention when half of the people I have overheard kept ordering either an Old Fashioned or a Rum/Coke.

Grilled Pork Chop
Fragrant Spiced Pork Chop

Interesting portion of the menu comes in the entrees where I becoming more attuned to the California sourced ingredients. Especially with their version of roasted Sea Bass and the Grilled Pork Chop. Love the take on the classic French cuisine using local sourced ingredients. Out of all the items menu, I strongly encouraged people to get the roasted sea bass.

Mezcal Lavender Negroni

Raspberry Lychee Bellini

Overall, I love my dining experience here at Jean-Georges. The desserts also impressed me with their creativity. This place works as a special occasion dining venue, but I can see it as a regular casual meetup place (for the locals who lived in that area). It seemed to have regulars here who dined in without reservations.

Peach Pavola with Olive Oil Ice Cream

Myer Lemon Pudding

If there is one thing I get out of my dining experience here is that I should venture out to his other locations and dine at his famed New York's restaurants. This is now become my new bucket list for destination dining. After that night, I really want to try it.

I heard I don't have to worry about parking in that NYC area... as there is no parking available.

Jean-Georges Beverly Hills
9850 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA