Friday, March 23, 2018

The Carb Delights of Beijing Pie House

Is there such a thing as too much carbs?

You'll probably throw your inhibitions away once you get a load of these delicious meat pies we're about to see. It's just a doughboy's heaven from here on out.

I was once introduced to this nondescript corner restaurant in San Gabriel Valley because of my heavy craving for dumplings. One of my associate suggested a place known for Chinese meat pies that is beef stuffed in a round flat circle shaped like a table coasters.

The famous Beijing Meat Pie

Imagine if you will of an Irish Pot pie (usually lamb) or maybe one of those British Chicken pie that are much more well known to the masses, but the Chinese beef version has been around for ages. Getting the Northern Chinese fare into general public might be a bit tad hard because of the public oppression towards carbs these days and competition against the popular xiao long baos (Shanghai's soup dumplings) that is a better seller these days.

Beef Green Onion Pancake

If you are ever hanker for this... watch out! Those fillings inside are like soup dumplings as well. Even the green onion cake version sliced perfectly can be tempting to any carb lover's dreams.

The minimalist restaurant has been very popular with the fans of Chinese dumplings for a long time as I have remembered it. It used to be on the annual list of best restaurants of many dining critic here in LA... all because of that one dish.

Make sure you get some walking exercise after the meal because this carb overload is worth that sacrifice.

Beijing Pie House
846 E Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91755

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Conscious Dining at Andrei's Conscious Cuisine and Cocktails

I have just found the longest name on earth for a restaurant.

At first I was trying to read it right and thought maybe the place wanted to remind people a few things about themselves. Can't leave out any important parts, right?

This interesting posh and elgant restaurant is next door to a luxury apartment and high end Mariott Hotel that are close to the Orange County's John Wayne Airport. The name of Conscious cuisine was a way to bring attention to their efforts to dedicate in bringing sustainable seafood and natural farm raised meat for their local California fare in their dishes.

The few times I had been here before was always as a quick get together for a drink as I can tell it tends to situate the out of towners who are staying at the Mariott or for people who are on their way to visit their kids at UC Irvine (which is also down the street as well).

Filet Mignon Carpaccio

For me, I really wanted to say I never get a full chance of dining here until last week when I didn't wanted to brave the parking situation in going to the Jamboree plaza a few miles away for a soiree of dinner with friends.

Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops

Stopping by here, I got a few cocktails and kicked back to watch a Lakers game on the tele. It seemed pleasant enough as I do always at this place. However, tonight I may just wanted to blow my friends off as I thought about why not just checked out their menu and give it a go.


Carrot Cake

I thought for the time being as described earlier, it seemed their menu bordered on the local farm to table fare for sustainable and natural raised proteins on their dishes. So naturally, I wanted to check out their seared scallops dishes and maybe tried my luck on their Filet Mignon Carpaccio.

Apricot Tea-Tini

Their piano bar lounge look tends to be a hit with the older crowd who are looking for a fine dining in a town that is being taken over by the millennials who are just invading what was once cool upper class crowds. This restaurant is pretty much of a throwback to the days when Gordon Gekko of the world can leisurely walked in and have a few lamb chops and a glass of cocktail.


Tart Toddy

Now it's all about the boba tea shop. This place is still kept some of remembrance and somewhat of a reverence. I do enjoyed the my meal here and the cocktails as well. Very chilled on a Saturday night (don't come on Sunday, they're closed) and would not hesitate to come here for a slow quiet conversations on a dinner.

As in for the name.... well, let's hope they don't add a coffee shop or bakery. That's another add on for their business card.

Andrei's Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails
2607 Main Street
Irvine, CA 92614

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Frogtown's Biertgarten at Salazar

This will be a dilemma for some of us. Do we go out of the way for some good grub? More importantly, are we trying to compare apple and oranges (in this case upscale dining vs street food)?

On one hand, you got a cool place that opened up serving a fine array of pretty looking dishes that appeals to the eyes, but also great for the tummy. However, your wallet does not thank you for this.

Keep in mind, this is not going to be competitive with a taco truck value pricing and does serve somewhat of a gourmet Mexican fare. The place obviously gravitate towards a certain clientele. Some say towards hipsters, I say scenesters who reads too much of Variety's or Hollywood Reporter's hottest new restaurants (avoid going to Nomad, Inko Nito, Majordomo, or Freedman's at this moment).

Pork Chop

It's one of those places that's great to be seen. Beautiful outdoor patio that is front of a scenic looking bar that is inside of a remodeled mechanic auto body shop. The patio yard is nicely decked out as I think the courtyard looks nothing like the driveway that it used to be. It looks like a Biergarten if you ever thought of it that way.

Carne Asada Fries

Based on a few inside gossips, I heard they changed the cocktail menu programs a few times. The drinks still looks and taste fabulous. I think the big one to order seemed to be the horchata variety.

Now let's break this bracket down, this is not going to be competitive in pricing wise with the street cart, but their tacos are fantastic! The pricing probably suggest they are going after the hipsters who likes to go to places that are re-gentrified. The reason I say scensters is that I noticed there are more of those people who seems to read what's new on those publications that are coming here when it first opened.

Carnitas Taco

The parking situation as many pointed out will be tricky, especially on weekdays for lunch when you are competing with local businesses in that area for the same street parking. Weekends are a tad easier as some of those business will be closing.

As in my thoughts to my own question... First part of my question, it depends if I'm in the mood and if I'm in that area. Second part.... I never compared, but don't be surprised if many will.

2490 Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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