Monday, April 30, 2018

The Eternal Sunshine of Spring

To my little surprise, I don't often visit that many French restaurants in Los Angeles.

Not one bit at all. I actually needed to check on list of cuisines on the right hand side column to verify.

To some degree, I think I attribute to my lack of institution of what constitute as a French cuisine. Often times I think I get confused with provincial dishes or classic comfort food as French dishes. To this day... I still thought French Fries are what the French are known for. Yes, shame on me.

My introduction to Spring was made by an old acquaintance, a French restaurant situated in the bottom floor of the Douglas Building in downtown Los Angeles. A building many in LA considers to be a "Xanadu" for some of the wealthiest back in the olden days.

The old acquaintance and I met up at the bar in front of the dining room. It's quite a cozy parlor room that has a great view of the corner street of 3rd and Spring. To get to the fabulous dining room, you would just need to hit up the hallway like it was a speakeasy. Let me tell you, once you get into the dining room, the center of the room has a breathtaking view of the skylight. Like a tree in the view of  a park!

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Even though I came in for dinner, I feel like a brunch would be perfect situation especially with the daylight beaming down in the middle of the room.

At the very first occasion, we decided to get the tasting menu to see how the dishes were set up. To my astonishment, I think some of these seasonal dishes were the most beautifully dishes ever presented. So Instagram-able worthy in fact.

Maple Leaf Duck Breast

The dishes were concocted based on the ingredients available for the chef to create with his imaginative presentation that was out of this world. In many instances, I was in awe from dish to dish, all the way to the dessert.

Hamachi Crudo

I think in my first visit, the hamachi crudo and the maple leaf duck breast was the stand out dishes on the tasting menu. This actually got me excited in wanting to go back and tried out their other main courses.

Lamb Sirloin with Couscous

The one dish that people seemed to rave about was the lamb sirloin, which was a fine dish itself. I personally love the desserts that creatively was some of the highlights at this fine establishment.

Beautifully presented, great atmosphere & vibes, and delicious dishes as well. My only beef was that I think they can do better in certain aspect of their services. I know this is not a place to rush people in and out, but I think improvements can be made where attentions to details can be acquired. That will be saved for people writing a Yelp type review, but I do think this is classy elegant restaurant that does strives to be on the top of French restaurant.

I do hope some kinks can be worked out as I do love coming to this restaurant. Especially on how tough LA can be, this restaurant do stands out as one of the best French cuisine restaurant in LA.

257 Spring St
Los Angeles CA 90012

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Friday, April 6, 2018

What's In a Chicken Box ?

What is the most efficient way of getting a food to go?

Back in the day, I think a common theme is to set an easy store front with pick up window and then you can bring your food into your car to enjoy the lovely solitude in the comfort of your car. Heck, even something like Sonic can bring the food in a tray out to your car.


That's the thing about the past on how people dine. You don't see it as much these days of pick up and take out places. One of the more fascinating place I have encountered was this little boutique chicken shack along the chaotic busy street of Whittier Blvd.

Front of the Shop

The best I can describe Chicken Box was it reminded me of a little gift shop on the side of the highway road. The decor reflected the charm of a boutique gift shop. as you can see for yourself.

I am always fascinated by the small charms and the history behind the shop. I guess I am curious whenever I passed by this place that is so out of the way, but seemed to get traffic with plenty of regulars stopping by for their pick up.


As the name can attest, it's chicken in a box. One type of chicken. Broasted fried chicken.

Chicken In a Box

They also served out seafood, barbecue ribs, and wings. Limited on the menu, but they served on what they are known for, which is their broasted chicken that is battered perfectly. Seasoned well with the skin fall right off as it's not crispy. It's not a deep fried variety with crunch skin crisp, but for the rest of us who prepared the broasted method, this is heaven.

There's always a great way to dine as people are less likely to eat in their car now. Who wants to ruin the leather seat or have weird food smell in their car? Luckily, they have situated a few tables out in their front porch (yes, it's like a converted house in a middle of a parking lot) of their chicken shack restaurant.

Overall, I think I would come here if I ever craved for some of those fried chickens. Mostly I would considered using them if I need to catered to a big group or parties. This would be a great meal for a back yard parties. Did they lived up to their slogan on the sign (it reads "World's Finest Chicken")?

You'll have to go in and judge it yourself. I think it's right up there for broasted chicken.

So remote as I previously mentioned as the place still reminisced of the old days on how fast food or casual take outs supposedly works.

Chicken Box
330 E. Whittier Blvd
La Habra, CA 90631

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