Monday, March 24, 2008

Old School Dim Sum @ NBC Seafood (Monterrey Park)

There is something to be said about places like this.

In the old days, NBC can packed up the place like a sardine can. It was a real hassle to deal with the massive wait time and where the numbers for your table was called out only in Cantonese. Personally, it gave me a chance to figure out the numerals in a foreign language.

Now in the present tense, NBC is a reincarnation of their old selves that now catered to all clientele in Southern California. Before, it was exclusively to the Chinese immigrants, now you can see more Caucasians, Filipino, Latinos, and other Asians who help keeping an institution alive. This place was the Chinese version of Canter's if there's ever was one.

Hai Gaw (shrimp dumplings in the full hot steam)

There's much to be said about what is being offered here. It felt like living in the vintage past where the menu don't change often. The dishes still comes out in a shopping cart like atmosphere. There used to be a time when the carts had a hard time circulating around the tables as they are scrunched up together. It gone a tad better, but it is still real tight at this place.

Peking Duck

You can still order some of the more traditional items in their menu that is not on the cart such as the Peking Duck. Hopefully the long congested wait on Sunday morning will not lead to starvation. One of the finest old school dim sum joint in all of Southern California should be respected.

Chicken Feet

NBC Seafood
404 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 282-2323


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