Friday, March 2, 2018

Frogtown's Biertgarten at Salazar

This will be a dilemma for some of us. Do we go out of the way for some good grub? More importantly, are we trying to compare apple and oranges (in this case upscale dining vs street food)?

On one hand, you got a cool place that opened up serving a fine array of pretty looking dishes that appeals to the eyes, but also great for the tummy. However, your wallet does not thank you for this.

Keep in mind, this is not going to be competitive with a taco truck value pricing and does serve somewhat of a gourmet Mexican fare. The place obviously gravitate towards a certain clientele. Some say towards hipsters, I say scenesters who reads too much of Variety's or Hollywood Reporter's hottest new restaurants (avoid going to Nomad, Inko Nito, Majordomo, or Freedman's at this moment).

Pork Chop

It's one of those places that's great to be seen. Beautiful outdoor patio that is front of a scenic looking bar that is inside of a remodeled mechanic auto body shop. The patio yard is nicely decked out as I think the courtyard looks nothing like the driveway that it used to be. It looks like a Biergarten if you ever thought of it that way.

Carne Asada Fries

Based on a few inside gossips, I heard they changed the cocktail menu programs a few times. The drinks still looks and taste fabulous. I think the big one to order seemed to be the horchata variety.

Now let's break this bracket down, this is not going to be competitive in pricing wise with the street cart, but their tacos are fantastic! The pricing probably suggest they are going after the hipsters who likes to go to places that are re-gentrified. The reason I say scensters is that I noticed there are more of those people who seems to read what's new on those publications that are coming here when it first opened.

Carnitas Taco

The parking situation as many pointed out will be tricky, especially on weekdays for lunch when you are competing with local businesses in that area for the same street parking. Weekends are a tad easier as some of those business will be closing.

As in my thoughts to my own question... First part of my question, it depends if I'm in the mood and if I'm in that area. Second part.... I never compared, but don't be surprised if many will.

2490 Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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