Friday, November 21, 2008

Top Chef NYC: Week 2

Something tells me this season of Top Chef is going to suck. I really cannot pin point it, but the last episode just drives me up the wall.

Because of the fact that there are 17 characters participating on this ritual of showing off their restaurant and their non-stopping boasting about how good they really are in cooking at their restaurant, it just dawned on me that these guys are just pompous.

It is also would have been great if the people in editing would just stopped showcasing the people who are about to get eliminated. It sort of tipping off to the audience who might get eliminated shortly by keep broadcasting their interviews and moments on the show. I wish they kept some suspense on the show by showcasing everyone equally and not just the ones who are about to go.

The last two episodes are predictable because you knew which ones are about to get the axe.

How did my last week's top four mentioned did on this show?

Leah - Non existent

Stefan - The pompous villain who was on the bottom of three in quickfire challenge

Radhika - Won the quickfire challenge to get immunity (she needed because her main dish sucked).

Ariane - Continued to be mentioned on the bottom three in the elimination Challenge.

Boy, do I sucked at picking the favorites. My new two favorites for this week are Fabio (*gasp! I wasn't on his bandwagon ever) and Eugene. My bottom two is still Ariane and Radhika. Let's face it, these two gals will not win Top Chef. I hope I'm better next week's episode than this week.

Oh yeah, yay for Foo Fighters and their roadies for being the "test tasters" for next week's episode.

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