Monday, November 10, 2008

Introducing the New Noodle Kid In Town @ Kam Hong Garden (Monterey Park)

If there is a chance that I can die happy knowing I had the best hand pulled noodle in town, then it's safe to know that this place is it.

A few months ago, I think the craving for hand pulled noodles had gotten to me as I was thinking on where to find such of a place outside of the popular names (Dai Ho or Mandarin Noodle House/Deli). I was a bit perplex on finding another place that is as good or better than the two choices in LA/SGV because it does seemed everyone is content with the current two choices.

Not I as I decided to search out and find a different place just so I don't have to be a creature of habit.

Lo and behold I was attracted to this place because someone raved to me on how good this newer place had been. It had that opened near El Monte on a newly built plaza on Garvey Ave. Inside of the place seemed a bit small as it contain one big round table and half dozen smaller tables for dining. Very low maintenance in terms of any type of decor to speak off and you can bet the prices will reflect that as many of the items are within $5-$6 range for main dishes.

What a refreshing thing it is to find a bargain like a bowl hand cut noodle with beef tendon soup for only $5.25. Quite a great discovery for a delicious dish that you will find. The soup is not murky or greasy for a typical beef noodle soup. The beef was tender, but not too soft or stiff and can rival a slow roasted beef.

Hand Pulled Beef Noodle Soup

The hand pulled noodle? Very thick and long twangy strings that resembles cruller. It's the best thing in that noodle bowl.

I also decide to order an order of juicy pork soup dumplings like xiao long bao. A staple like this should be cherish and savor with every bite. Oh well, not me because I swallowed these little dumplings in less than 5 minutes. No need to explain how great it would taste with a dip of soy sauce.

Juicy Soup Pork Dumplings

The best part about coming here was that you can ordered the noodle dishes in any three types of noodles that can be prepared for you. You can either choose it knife cut or hand pulled. You can't go wrong with either of the two choices that noodles was the best thing in this place.

Buy one and get one free for a bobba tea drink? That's great. What's more awesome was the fact that it cost less than $2 for one. So in essence, you're getting two for half of the price you get for one at Lollicup.

I was pretty excited in coming here the first few times as the noodles dishes were awesome. I haven't dive into the rice dish as pork chop rice was my favorite. Very soon you'll probably bump into me as I am going there more often these days

Kam Hong Garden
848 E Garvey Ave #A
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 280-9318


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