Monday, November 17, 2008

If There's a Smoke, It Will Lead You To Good BBQ @ Phillips Barbeque (Los Angeles)

I was hungry on some of those days and nights. Looking for something unusual was the key of the day. I decided to go big and something fatty to fill my stomach up.

Wouldn't you know it? Phillips is the spot I go to for that BBQ fix!

You can always spot the place right away because of the smoke coming out of the roof pipes of the restaurant. It's a small shack-like place next to a gas station in the corner of Crenshaw and Adams. When you walk inside of the shack, you will have to stand in line to order the food like everyone else before you and pick up the food at another window after you placed your order.

There's a line for the place and everyone standing in line knows it's damn good or they wouldn't put up the wait. After a long wait, I was sitting at a bench next to old time regular who assured me in that it was worth the wait. Hmm... maybe my look gave it away because I stick out like a sore thumb? Nah, I do see many Latinos, Caucasians, and Asians standing in line behind me, that can't be it. Or maybe it's just that I personally looked so out of place. Probably.

I took a review from as my guide and made my decision to order a small mixed tray. This so called "small tray" comes with a 1/4 slab of beef rib, 1/4 pork ribs, chicken, sausage, and tri tip. I got a potato salad and beans as sides. Oh, they throw in a loaf of bread on top all that (see picture below).

Cost me exactly $50 on the dot just as it was described by some of the reviewers on the site. You can see the pictures of what I bought back from the place at the Photos below.

Un FU*KING Believable!

My "SMALL" tray of ribs, tri tips, sauage, and chicken with sauce all over it

Yeah, it was damn good. The wait to pick up the food after paying was quicker than I thought. I got a very nice service where everyone is friendly even though it's long a*s line. They were all cheery and happy to see everyone. You can tell by the jokes that a lot of them probably had been a regular for awhile. The BBQ are huge! I am not going to finish it anytime soon.The price is more than a little steep, but it's worth it.

The sides of Potato salad, beans, and a loaf of bread. Yeah, they gave me a loaf of bread!

Couple of things to remind everyone when they get in line to order: decide ahead what you want to order before you get to the counter because the guy looked short tempered and the people in back of the line behind you will not be appreciated. There is no such thing as "medium" in their sauce, only mild, hot, or Mixed as in mix of mild and hot, but it's not medium.

Decide your sides and your choice between slaw or potato salad before it's your turn. It reminds me of the episode of "Soup Nazi" in Seinfeld. The guy would literally say "next" once he gives your change back. A fair warning about that.

Oh yes, one more thing. There is no dining area except for a few counter seats outside. With the big portion you just got, it probably be better if you take it home. This place is also one of the only handful of places being honored on every edition of Jonathan Gold's Essential 99 list. Ghetto food at its finest?

Un FU*KING Believable.

Phillips Barbeque
2619 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
(323) 731-4772


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