Friday, November 14, 2008

Park Avenue @ Stanton

As I was looking for a far out dining I have never in the OC, I was never quite prepared for Park Avenue that was located in the sketchy part of Beach Blvd in the city of Stanton. It was surrounded down the street with strip joints and adult book store. You would just never imagined if you were quite in the right neighbor hood for some fine dining.

For a fine steak, I was willing to take that risk!

When you walk in, it's totally a different atmosphere. Very posh of a classy joint. It left me breathless a bit because I didn't expected to be this upscale where the place looked very fancy with some their elegant dining silverware. They even have a person playing romantic songs on the electronic keyboard for soothing decor.

It is totally unexpected and a total polar opposite from what it looked like on the outside and what it presented itself on the inside. Plenty of dining tables and booth seats. I was expecting a burger joint as the generic picture was shown on the main picture of this profile reviews. In a bit, I felt we a little under-dressed, but casual wear is acceptable.

This place does have burgers on their menus, but I would not recommended that unless it's lunch. They have three different menus at dinner time. They have an extensive wine list on one menu, another menu for burgers, and a third menu for the dinner specials. The dinner menu consist of meat and potatoes items such as seafood and steak. It's the one menu I would suggest in ordering from.

Complimentary Bread

In all their dinner special, you do get complimentary bread which at the time it was a Hawaiian sweet roll. The soup of the day was the D'Anjour Pear with Parsnip which has an interesting bitter taste, but have pearl additives to sweetened the taste of the soup. Very interesting mix for that combo for a soup.

Soup of the Day: D'Anjour Pear with Parsnip

I ordered an 8 oz. filet mignon served on top of mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes & asparagus

I can honestly this was a beautifully decorated and well presented dish.The steak was also cooked just right with the right amount of serving to leave you full, but not bloated. My friend ordered a Flat Iron Steak on mashed potatoes which was also an excellent choice.

Flat Iron Steak on Mashed Potatoes

As our steak was delicious, one of my friend's gf ordered a salmon with spinach and Spanish fried rice. That was not bad, but I think she missed out couple of very good dish. My filet mignon was on a special, but still will set you back at $32. Yup, very luxe for a place like this and that was a SPECIAL. With a glass of wine and dessert plus the the tip, you can bet I'm putting a $$$$ for this rating. Not cheap, but definitely will worth it.

Salmon with Spinach & Spanish Fried Rice

The service was pretty good for us that night with the place being festive for many people. It can be a great place for romantic dining as the place is lightly dimmed. If they can upgrade the keyboard player to a violin musician, it'll be all good.

For dessert, I suggest getting the creme bulee. It was an excellent choice at this location.

Creme Bulee

Even though the location is very obscure. Don't let the appearance fooled you. It's a very classy upscale place. After the dinner, my friends was still raving about the place and they wanted me to thank me and others who did a great job at pointing out this place.

Especially in a weird shady neighborhood next to a trailer park.

Park Avenue
11200 Beach Blvd
Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 901-4400


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