Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Day I Became a Vegetarian Temp @ M Cafe de Chaya (West Hollywood)

I seemed to get a lot of flak from my veggie friends who thinks I only eat meat. Not true at all people!

Truth to be told, there was only one vegetarian near where I lived and none to be found around my work place. The one place that I visited in my hood was a tad disappointing, so I just chucked it up that vegetarian places are for the birds.

I was famished last Saturday on my way to a big party. I didn't want to overeat so I thought it was a good time to visit a vegetarian place to test myself to see if I can endure a meal without meat. To my amazement, I actually enjoyed it!

M Cafe de Chaya reminds me of what a lot counter service like Porto's would be like. You pretty much ordered up at the counter while bringing your number to a table. The place was immaculately clean and in nice way very serene. The ambiance was trying to reflect a softer kind of atmosphere in its surroundings instead of sloppy chop house of a Panda Express.

First thing I noticed was the fact that majority, if not all the dishes were cold dishes. That was clear giveaway for me in terms of what was going to be served here. Not everything is soup or salad. There were few of the sandwiches that looked quite tempting and very attractive.

I took the liberty of ordering a Falafel & Hummus wrap with cold soba noodles special. It was quite delicious and much different than I originally envisioned what this was going to taste without hard meat.

Falafel and Hammus Wrap with cold soba noodle

With that order, I also got a mint iced green tea to go along with my meal. It was very refreshing to have a non-sweetened tea to wash down a hearty meal.

Even though it was a hearty meal, it still felt very light just as I wanted and expected it to be. I wasn't looking for something greasy and this place more than accomplished what it set out to do was to provide a clean environment for you to enjoy a light, but fulfilling meal.

This won't turned me into a vegetarian convert or a macrobiotic believer, but it does set a good impression for me to try other vegetarian places. A very big kudos on that front.

M Cafe de Chaya
7119 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 525-0588


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