Saturday, November 15, 2008

Desserts @ Patisserie Chantilly (Lomita)

I am going to throw my hands up and confess on this one. I really am not big on pastries or ever had been a baked goods connoisseur. Never have and never really will become one.

So it would be a stretch for me to consider on what to expect when I arrive to this place.

Coming to a plaza that does not offer ample parking and tight confinements will make you think twice about coming to this dodgy part of the street. I was just happy to come here because of Eboshi Noodle house for ramen. However due to my disappointment of that place, I was hoping to grab some desserts to wash off that bitterness I would like to call "overrated ramen". Oh well...

I walked in and immediately zoomed in to one display glass counter worth of goodies. Yeah folks, that is all they really have is just that one display case. Yet, that case provides the excitement of pot of gold only a leprechaun would appreciate. I went goo goo eyed and started to think and flick off on what to get from this place.

I would wound up getting:

Let's start off with something simple like the Pomme Pomme. This reminds me of an apple cobbler. It had an egg tart based with apple crumbles on top. This was easily my favorite snack from this pick-n-choose.

Pomme Pomme

My sweet preference of Kir Royale. Think of this as if was a parfait, but better than Micky D's version. A very delightful little sampler.

Kir Royale

Mont Fraise is the cutest I have seen in a pastry. Oh this pink little dumpling is like a puff ball that a twinkie should be made like. If only your twinkie would taste like this pink puff ball.

Mont Fraise

I once had a dream that I was in slather in chocolate lava. The Tarte Chocolat could almost fulfill that if I dive in a pool filled with these treats. It had some crunchy malt balls that split in half on top of a chocolate wafer. If you are looking for a chocolate gorge out, this would be it.

Tarte Chocolat

Another delightful treat was the Souffle Fromage . If you are looking for a nice little blueberry cheesecake, this would be it. It was also one of my favorite tasters. The cake was soft and fluffy with blueberries on the bottom layer and top of the cheesecake. A big Yum-O on this one.

Souffle Fromage

Without any further ado, the final item is Gateau Fraise. This is like a good creame strawberry cake you can find in most Asian bakeries. It's not bad, but not a wowser like the others.

Gateau Fraise

Majority of these delicious snacks will set you back around $3.75 each. Think of it like you are having a tasting menu for desserts. Obviously these little snack can be bought in bigger portions if they wish to do, but charging $3.75 each for a smaller tasting samples size is a better idea.

If all bakeries or restaurants have amuse buse for desserts, this place would win out for their imaginative creations in bite size. I definitely would stop by here more often whenever I am in the area.

Oh the joy of having not just one, but two or three little snacks. For me, I just decide to pig out on six. I would have gotten more, but I wasted my stomach space on the ramen beforehand.

my box of collection

Patisserie Chantilly
2383 Lomita Blvd
Lomita, CA 90717
(310) 257-9454


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