Monday, November 24, 2008

Grand Preview: Ruby Table (Koreatown)

Grand Preview: This is a preview of a new establishment opened up. Since it's only a soft opening with the menu not fully set or the staff trying to work out the kinks, my usual grade will not be presented. However, here is the preview you will see of the following place.

I was excited last week to try out a new restaurant that has opened up across the street from the famous Wiltern Theater in the heart of the historic Koreatown in Los Angeles. Before I arrived for my dinner engagement, I glanced at the menu to see what was offered at this fine establishment that was finally opened after several months of remodeling and found this quite charming of a small place.

The Restaurant and Bar have set them up as a Tapas/Izakaya with an influence of Asian Fusion. The menu lineup was designed by the same people who was behind the design of the menu for the ever popular chain of Daikokuya. It was a little bit intriguing to see what they can come up with that has something simple, but yet refreshing while doing it to make it more affordable of a price. For anyone on the tapas bandwagon, these little tapas with drinks can added up quite a bit on the end of the day.

Here are some of the big winners on a night that has some big possibilities down the road:

Crunchy Fried Pepper Chicken

Agedashi Tofu

Kimchi Spam Fried Rice

Now, they are tweaking the menu and as they will be experimenting the menu down the road to see what works and which dishes will be the crowd pleasers. The pepper chicken worked well with the drinks they served here at this establishment. Beer, soju, and sake will be the determining factors on which type of food will go well the beverage of choices.

So far, it was the safe to say that the chicken wings, the mini slider with fries (excellent choice), and kimchi spam fried rice will be ones that worked well. They just need to figure out which other small item food they can incorporated into this type of izakaya fare.

Other types of food are here at for your viewing pleasure:

Clockwise (from top left): Tonkatsu Medallions with Curry Dipping Sauce; Soft Shell Crap Roll; Sweet Potato Fries; Kurobota Sausage (black pork sausage); Mini sliders with fries; Kimchi Pork.

I will have to go back soon to check out their full final menu when they have their grand opening. So far it does seemed very promising in their soft opening. No grades will be given until after the grand opening.

Ruby Table
3800 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 739-1245

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