Monday, December 1, 2008

Top Chef NYC: Week 3

Have you ever wondered if anyone gave the Hindenburg any warning before the tragic accident hit? The undeniable mess that Top Chef have experienced for this season's episodes have given some clear warnings throughout the show.

For instance, it seemed like they are tipping off on who is about to get eliminated in the show. It gotten annoying to the point where they are dedicating majority of the interview segments to the likely eliminated contestants. Last week was the boring Jill, the week before was the young culinary student and the wife of a military soldier overseas. I just hope they don't tip off anymore of the likely eliminated contestants because it have gotten predictable.

Oh, what's with this "Euro vs. Americans" segment? Are they trying badly to tell us that it's Stefan/Fabio vs. Two American blokes in the final four? They been selling that hard and looked like they have been feeding Fabio to say that line in the interview segments. Dude, I know they came from Europe, but these two gents have been employed in the U.S. for many years now. Please get over it.

Other than the hard sell & predictability the past week, how did this week's episode fared as in the overall segment wise?

The Quickfire challenge dealt with recreating a recipe from Top Chef cookbook. It seemed easy because some of the contestants was remarking that they could finish it way ahead of time. *ahem*, Psyche! Padma decided to throw a wrench by changing the quickfire challenge to having the contestants using the current ingredients the chef were making and using it to make soup. It seemed like it gotten easier because majority of them did OK. For the first time ever, I don't remembered seeing a "bottom three" for the quickfire.

As in for Elimination challenge, they were divided into two teams with the winner of the quickfire challenge, besides getting an immunity from elimination for this episode, get to choose her team. Wow! Let's just say it was a great prize because of the other team were pretty bad and definitely was the bottom half of the remaining contestants. It gotten bad to the point where the Smores guy was single out for making a bad dessert. However, they spared the guy who did too much and making crappy meal? I don't know, crap is crap.

In the end, not a surprise on who was going to get eliminated. The 2nd member of "Team Rainbow", Richard got eliminated for false advertising on the "Smores" where guest judge Grant Achatz felt cheated because it does not have too much of the chocolate and the marshmallow looked like spits. Hey, don't messed with the guy who got James Beard Award and Michelin Stars for his restaurant. You get called out by him, it's pretty much game over.

For the first time, I just don't have any favorites because it seemed like no one stood out at this point. Hopefully the editing will get better. One thing for sure, this season won't get nominated for Emmy on Best Reality Show.

So sad at this moment.

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