Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top Chef NYC: Week 4

This week's installment of Top Chef tells me some of these contestants need to stick to cooking. They definitely will not survive being a personality on live television. Oh wow, God saved them because they looked like a nervous wreck in a faux interview.

It pains me to find out that in order for you to be known as a chef, you have to promote yourself and your restaurant. So being on TV for a few minutes of exposure will help your career. I guess food doesn't matter and once again take a backseat in the world of Celebrity Chef.

The Quickfire challenge to win an immunity this week requires each wannabe "Top" Chef to cook an Amuse Bouche breakfast dish. Now granted the task was retarded, but I'm just surprised that some of them did not realized what is the meaning of Amuse Bouche was. The task was to create a breakfast dish that you can impale in one bite. I remembered in the past season where one poor schmuck made a fruit salad and admittedly didn't know what was the term of "Amuse Bouche" when asked to perform that task. This time around, people do (and should) know, but somehow still made some of those dishes in two bites, rather than one bite.

When it was time for guest judge Rocco Dispirito to pick a winner, he has to decide between two good dishes, but chose the one that follow the rules (which was to make a one-bite dish.) Guess what? He didn't choose the two-biter. No kidding on that.

The most glorified and self serving task of the year for an elimination challenge got to be this episode. Where else can they sync their synergy by hooking up with their Big Brother channel by promoting their show on the "Today Show"? Sure, I guess I learned something new today by realizing that all chefs need to be training for that 2 and half minute drill that football players learned so much about for time management and they can also learned to be a self promoter as well. Which all of these contestants are really are in real life anyways.

Gee, all of them are put in the microscope already by being on this show. Is it necessary for them to be the most photogenic in this rehearsal challenge? Oh, here's a laugh: none of them get to be on live television anyway to perform the task. Instead, the winner(s) or the ones with best dishes get to sit in the green room and watch on TV if their dish was any good. The food stylist (I didn't know there was such an occupation existed for television) would just bring out the three supposed winning dishes and let the on-air personalities be the judges to choose the winner.

So what was the point of this whole elimination challenge? Seriously, someone in Bravo need to hire a creative person that can think of great tasks for these elimination and quickfire challenges. This is big time BS.

And the person that suffered the BS? The guy who got eliminated this week.

Why was he the poor sapp? Because he couldn't think of the appropriate dish he should create for a two and a half minutes segment. Alex, the former owner/executive Chef at Restaurant 15 (creatively set a prefix weeknight menu for only $15) got canned because he thought...(again, he thought)... that it would be awesome if he can make creme bulee in that short span of time. FYI, it takes more than a hour to make that.

Yes, he was inept, but the person performed the worst among the contestants this week was the final member of Team Rainbow (Jaime) who did have experiences in front of the camera. She came up with a dish that she had done before in front of live television audience, which was a Duck Egg salad with bacon and caviar. Poor Jaime undercooked it and recoiled when the judges had told her the dish was awful.

Honestly, between the two, I would have let go the experienced on-air guest chef who undercooked the dish than the inept person who have never done a TV guest spot before. Who knew you have to be a self promoter on TV in order to become a great chef?

The episode disappointed me so much and the outcome was just wrong. I need a few cans of beer to get over this. Hope it get better next week with Gayle Simmon's bridal shower. It looked like it's going to be the "Wedding Wars" format.

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