Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Burger @ Big Mike's Restaurant (Bellflower)

Oh my! I think I will require a double bypass surgery after coming here. There was a famous slogan of "Seven Days without a Big Mike's Burger makes one weak". I was about to find out what makes this burger the cream de la of the burger world.

The interior of the place

At first I thought it was an urban myth about this place. I already experienced Hawkin's House of Burgers' most special prize: Their Hawkins Special. I was tempted to just check out this place because all those reviews and pictures of the gigantic burger lovingly known as the Big Mike was going to be my conquering destiny. I just couldn't passed up that chance since it's only 10 minutes away from me.

Big Mike is basically a combination of both burger shack and a Cajun gumbo & deep fried joint. Besides the well known burger, they also served BBQ steak sandwiches, fried catfish, BBQ ribs, and fried red snapper.

But c'mon, we all know we are here on a clandestine mission to check out the Big Mike.In this very low maintenance of a fine establishment where ESPN is on the telly and having your self served utensils next to the counter, this is the low frill place where you will be hunkering down the Kong-istic burger.

Each of the Big Mike is consist of one pound of big patty, two sausage hot links, and 2 cheese in a big bun. If you get that burger, it comes with a big Gulp-size drink of your choice, and a bag of fries at a cost about $6.95 (still a buck cheaper than for one measly burger without fries or drinks from Apple Pan!!).

Double Big Mike

So, with all that in mind, I decided to tempt faith and get the DOUBLE Big Mike. Instead of one beefy patty, I got TWO beefy patty. No one will ever bring up the question of "Where's the Beef?" after looking at this monstrosity!

The Double Big Mike with a drink and fries cost $11.50 (same price for one lousy gourmet burger from Father's Office, which wasn't even that good). This thing is relatively a bargain and an awesome feast that will never get finished in one sitting. I almost had settle into a subliminal coma.

The Fries & Drink comes with the burger; Corn on cob & potato salad comes with tri tip.

Forget about finishing the hot ramen in Orochon in less than 30 minutes. I dare anyone trying to finish the DOUBLE Big Mike in less than 30 minutes!

I'll be honest about this sucker. I didn't even come close to finishing it in one sitting. Heck, I didn't even finished in two meals. This two pound hunker weight like a brick when I took it home in a paper bag and could have been a huge paper weight for the stacks of papers I got at home.It is just a forgone conclusion in that it will take a while to finish off this thing. People wondered what the real Big Mike looked like. Well, the dude is Big and very soft spoken. He had this place since 1996 according to some paper clippings in the wall and was showing off the picture of first original Big Mike burger.

The top layer of Double Big Mike with sausage

They also served breakfast all day long along with gumbo soup, chili, beef oxtails, and other Texan style breakfast. Wings, chickens, and pork chops are awesome here too. I got the pork chop dinner and that is going to be my meal for the day after.

Oh, if there is anything besides the burger you will need to get is their Tri Tips. Those delicious tender pieces of steak are moist and scrumptious under a thick layer of their special sauce. That was one item on their menu I would strongly suggest getting besides the gigantic burger.

Tri Tip

He has interesting slogan or motto for his place which other reviewers had pointed it out. "Seven Days without a Big Mike's Burger makes one weak". hahahaha, oh, I wish that it does me weak with food coma, but I had to admit that monstrosity did do damage to me in a good way. I don't know if I can't live without it, but I can tell you I will fulfill my clandestine challenge again.


They are closed on Sundays and they do have outside sitting with a bench on the side.

Big Mike's Restaurant
17845 Clark Ave
Bellflower, CA 90706


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Anonymous said...

omg that looks soooo heavy!

Right Way to Eat said...

Hi Susy,

*sigh* I gained a pound just by biting into this burger.