Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year's Resolution for 2009

Yes, I know.

There is always a list by the end of the year that commemorate a "best of" or "worst of" the year. Well, I'll get to those list later, but for now I want to share on the places that I want to visit next year.

You can call it a mission statement list and I call it my New Year's resolutions. I hope to visit these places as many as possible. If not, all of them.

  1. Totoraku Teriyaki House Pico (West LA)
  2. Dal Rae (Pico Rivera) Reviewed on March 7
  3. La Casita Mexicana (Bell)
  4. Massimo (Beverly Hills)
  5. Gordon Ramsay at London (West Hollywood)
  6. Pho Filet (El Monte)
  7. Sushi Zo (West LA) Reviewed on April 3
  8. Mom's Burgers (Compton) Reviewed on April 13
  9. French Laundry (Yountsville)
  10. Al-Watan Halan (Lawndale)
  11. Palate Food + Wine (Glendale)
  12. The Hidden Kitchen (Costa Mesa)
  13. Doner G (Anaheim)
  14. Bean Sprouts (Arcadia)
  15. Umemura Restaurant (Gardena)
  16. Quan Hop (Westminster)
  17. Urasawa (Beverly Hills)
  18. Cole's PE (Downtown) Reviewed on Feb. 13
  19. Angelini Osteria (West Hollywood)
  20. Class 302 (Rowland Heights)
  21. Beachwood BBQ (Seal Beach)
  22. Bulgarini Gelato (Altadena)
  23. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon (Las Vegas)
  24. Fat Duck (Berkshire, UK)
  25. Charlie Trotter's (Chicago)
Of course it will take some big time coinage on a few of these places. Hope I can at least scratch some of them from the list this coming year.

Happy New Year everyone!
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