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Breakfast @ Noodle House (Arcadia) - CLOSED

I had an epitome one time in the early wee morning of the hours trying to figure out on what’s the meaning of life. I don’t think I formulated an idea or concept to that.

So I started searching for a place that opens at wee hour of the morning so I can get my mind out of that.

I came across the Noodle House because of the fact that it’s the most eastern restaurant listed on Jonathan Gold’s 2007 version of Essential 99. It’s one of the only few selected Taiwanese places listed in his pitiful list. But I gotta handed to him on at least getting the right places out on the list. Especially this place.

Located in the dead area of Arcadia where it has more auto-body shops in the intersection than any street corners you will ever come across to. It’s right next door to a Fantastic Sam’s. Totally obscure in a forsaken abysmal part of the town.

There is no decor for this place unless you are into those sticky tables and dry plastered walls. Probably about 12 tables with a few booth seats. However, I noticed that a few group of people didn’t like the small tables, so they bunched up two tables together for a group of 5 people. Very inconsiderate of that group if the place was packed, but who is going to argue with those old Taiwanese.

Opened at 7am in the morning to 7pm at night on all 7 days of the week, it was one of the very few that I can find for a good Taiwanese breakfast. Yi Mei Deli comes to my mind out of this, but I want to try something new for a change.

After looking at the simplistic lamented menu, I noticed the breakfast prices was uber cheap! Talking about everything that runs about a dollar something to the most expensive breakfast item of beef roll for $4.50. I was thinking about ordering three items, but it rang up to only $3.50. I felt like a cheapo so I substituted a steam veggie & pork bun for that beef roll.

Boy am I glad I did that.

First I ordered a hot steamed Soy milk and a Yo-tel (Chinese donut, but the translation is called “a stick of butter”) for $3 total. Plus I ordered a beef roll on top of that.

The beef roll, Chinese Donut, and Hot Soy Milk

The Yo-tel was probably the closest I’m going to get to Taiwan. It’s freshly made every day and it’s very different from other places that made them. The Yo-tel was soft, not flaky or crunchy. You can actually bend the donut and not break apart that easily.

The beef roll has some spicy kick to it. It’s like a Chinese version of enchiladas where they stacked the beef with fried onion cake. It’s my favorite version of breakfast burrito.It’s soft and chewy. You don’t really need to add any spices or sauce with that.

They also do serve lunch and dinner where a lot of noodle and rice items are on display with very low prices ranging in the $4 mark to around $6.

The service is very friendly. Everyone love to converse with lao ban liang (boss lady). She is a delight to talk to and treat her customers with very wonderful greeting.

Here’s a great about coming here in the breakfast time. A lot of Asian places don’t exactly accept tips on the table. One of the cool thing Rachel Ray will like in her budget dining is that this is one of the place in the morning that she can fit it in for her segment.

I already felt cheap enough, but spending only $7.50 for a yummy and very satisfying breakfast is a great way to kick off the day. Also a great way to keep me going on the right track!

Definitely will make my way to come here more often if I ever have an anxiety in early morning hours. ....not that I ever really had it. Ha!

Oh yes…cash only place.


Edit 11/29/08: I got some news to report. According to some sources I got, the place had either Changed owners or have closed down. Either way, if there is a new ownership, then this place is not going to be the same anymore. It's so sad because I came here last year right after the places made it on to Jonathan Gold's Essential 99 List in LA Weekly. I guess it got so popular it can't kept the same cheap price while trying to rotate people in and out.

It's sad news for me that it will change hands or just simply will close. This was my favorite breakfast place.

Noodle House (Closed)
46 W. Las Tunas Dr
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 821-2088


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