Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Institution Landmark That is Still Ticking @ Apple Pan (West LA)

Apple Pan is one of those place I am often perplexed at. I'm not into the whole "institutions" or "old landmark" kind of places. Even though it's been around for awhile, I just get the feeling that people loves the charms of the old place.

The place actually looked quite nice and very charming as if the outside of the place looked like an old hickory shack. What's even better was that the inside of this place looked very unique as they only have an U-shape counter seats. There are no tables or booth seats for privacy. Just the counter seats like you have seen in the old Alan Ladd film noir days.

I guess they do all their cookings at the brick-layers oven grill. It brings out the flavor I guess. The old mechanical cash register that doesn't need electricity gave the place the old vintage class.

The menu is very limited at best with only two types of burgers. I skipped the Hickory burger and ordered the steak burger instead. Sounds fancy, but it's just a beef patty burger. I did ordered their two dollar fries. They don't have a combo or very extensive menu. This one page sheet menu pretty much stayed the same forever.

Here's the punch in the gut. That steak burger which sounds fancy, but looked like a famous star from Carl's Junior minus the tomato and such ......cost $8.

Yes, I have complained about the gourmet burger coming from a bar that cost $11 in Santa Monica, $12 French toast in West Hollywood, and an $8 omelet in Long Beach. Let's put it this way, if that $8 burger was a wowser, I would not be complaining and comparing it to Carl's.

Alas, it's a decent chow, but not really that good. I'm sticking with In-N-Out Burgers as the better burger in town.

I think I was also held in a stick up when I ordered their "Combination". No, that is a combo meal, but just a simple baked ham and Swiss cheese sandwich with a lettuce. Guess how much that was? $7!?

Yes, I can see this place is more geared towards the affluent crowds of people living nearby or people wants to relieve the Golden Age of Eisenhower and Nixon. But geesh, the prices were harsh. The place can be crowded with people waiting for a seat. It seats less than 32 people, so you are going to need to be there during non-rush hour. Big groups are discourage from coming here. If you think Daikokuya is bad, you haven't seen this place on a prime lunch or dinner hours.

I'm just too scared to try the pies because I didn't want my wallet to be drained that quick, but apparently some people have no problem stimulating the economy by buying a piece of any of the five different slice of pie that would have cost the same for a whole pie elsewhere.

Like I said, it was really hard for me to understand about this place. Perplexed by the time I walked out and still left unsatisfied.

Apple Pan
10801 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 475-3585


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Anonymous said...

You should have tried the pis, the only thing worth going to the Apple Pan for. Skip the apple, it isn't that great. The banana cream is the best banana cream pie I've EVER had.

Right Way to Eat said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the pie tips. I'll see if I can go there again soon. Banana cream pie huh? I'll try it out!