Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Korean BBQ @ Shik Do Rak (Garden Grove)

Late last year (when I don't know any better and still isn't any better), I made a proclamation in that I would marry a Korean girl if I can go to Korean BBQ every night.

Well, let me amend that. I'll marry one if it's the right kind of Korean BBQ.

I guess I wasn't fully prepared coming here thinking it's strictly Galbi (beef short ribs) kind of Korean BBQ. Just like my earlier review of Korean BBQ place of The Toad House, Shik Do Rak specialized in pork meat more so than beef.

Their big selling point in the menu tends to be the Black Angus Deckle (chadol) which is thinly sliced beef that is freeze frozen and shriveled up like a shabu shabu meat . When neatly placed on the circular grill the meat would shrunk and shriveled up like a strip of bacon.

There is a form of strip of bacon in the pork bellies. That was another popular item in this place. Most KBBQ places I had been to would slab a huge piece of pork meat on the grill, then the server would cut it into pieces. At this place, the meat is already cut into small pieces for you to dump it in.

Round Shape Grill

The cool thing about coming here was the two different wrappers that is served here. One is a rice noodle with the other being the veggie wrap. Once you dipped into one of the two different spice sauce, it make the meat more enjoyable and favorable.

I was a little hesitant in coming here because I saw the picture of the Yelpers on Yelp.com posted with a portable grill, but I think it's just for a certain item and glad that a bigger grill is in place at the middle of the table.

Banchans (side dishes)

The service is excellent here with plenty of banchans (side dishes) passed out whenever we requested to get refill. It is also very good air ventilation at this joint so that you don't have to smell like crap when you go home.

The big knocked I have against this place is obviously the beef was sort of lackluster as I needed to dip it extra (hate the double/triple dipping of sauce). I think enjoyed the pork belly more than the black angus deckle.

Black Angus Deckle

The place is not bad at pricing of $60 for three people worth of food. The great thing is that you can substitute a bottle of soju for either a bottle of beer or more meat. (we chose more meat!)

2nd round of banchans

After trying out this place, it completed my 5 must go KBBQ places in Double G. My favorite is still Lighttown House (until I go back reviewing their gas grill). With New Seoul, Cham Soot Gol, Korea House, and Shak Do Rak bringing out the rear end.

BTW, if you must ask, all of the places are gas grill and not fire coal (Soot) BBQ.

As in for my previous review of marrying a Korean girl, I guess I will save that proclamation only for this place: New Seoul (Garden Grove). It's a shame really.

Shik Do Rak
9691 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 534-7668


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Unknown said...

In your review here, you marked as your top 5. Do you realize you have SDR marked as Doesn't Like on Urbanspoon? Just curious. Nice thorough review.

Right Way to Eat said...

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for looking out. Yeah, it has since been out of the top 5 as more and more better choices are out there in both OC and LA for KBBQ.

It barely was out of the like and dislike. Tough call, but I went the other way because there a few better places.