Saturday, May 17, 2008


There are many questions asked about me. I could have updated the profile which I could do, but I didn't want to get in to nonsense of what is the best movie. (Big Trouble in Little China...jk!)

Without further ado, here are some questions that I have answers to:

1) Q: Why is your handle or ID named Pepsi Monster?

A: Not really because I guzzed down the soda drink like no tomorrow, but it was something back in the 90's where one of my friend bought nothing but Pepsi and stored it up in his fridge. One time I opened up 7 cans of Pepsi half finished and the friend was pissed about my waste of his hospitality.

That's where I got the name from.

2) Q: Are you related to Elmo Monster at Monster Munching?

A: No, I'm not related to him nor did we ever met before. It was by coincidence in that his name is Elmo and I'm Pepsi. I'm a big fan of his website since last year when I found out he was as a big foodie as I am. I am still a follower of his web page, but he's more into Orange County where I'm up in Westside and north part of LA.

No relations at all. I have the handle of Pepsi Monster as my email and other chat forums throughout the years. It's just really a coincidence his name and my ID name are so similar.

3) Q: What are some of your favorite cuisine?

A: I'll chow down with any type of food. When I was younger, my palate is Tony Roma and El Toritto. Those two places are my "fine dining". Not anymore obviously, but I'll eat any food. Fine dining or hole in the wall. I'm not a food snob.

4) Q: What is your favorite restaurants?

A: I will compile some sort of list later on the year. I'll do one of those favorite places to eat like an essential 99 or something like my top 10 restaurants of 2008. Don't know yet, but I'll think something later.

5) Q: What are some of your favorite TV shows? Hell's Kitchen? Top Chef? Iron Chef America? Or your favorite cooking show?

A: My favorite was the Dotch cooking show on channel 18 in Los Angeles. I think they imported or replayed the show broadcast from Japan. I used to like the slogan of Go Dotch! Missed that show now that it's canceled.

As in for Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, and other competition show; I watched it. I like the third season of Hell's Kitchen and the first two seasons of Top Chef. Didn't cared for Iron Chef America.

My favorite cooking show? Rachel Ray? Yeah right....I like Nigella Lawson.

That's it for now!

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