Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wood Spoon (Los Angeles)

First thing that comes to my mind when I think of Brazilian food is the chuchurria or the all you can eat meat. Luckily I have experienced some good Brazilian meal today.

Black Bean with Rice

Brazilian Coffee

Based on other overwhelming positive reviews that I have from other blogs, I have to concur with most reviewers on their assessment about this place. Although I have to suggest the correction on the restaurant style that was mentioned that it was not authentic. Let me preface this, the place is an authentic BRAZILIAN restaurant, not Cuban or Caribbean.


The restaurant was a little tricky to find at first because it doesn't have a name on the big sign. Instead I saw a big wooden spoon on the front sign. You get it? Wooden Spoon! ....yeah, that was what I was thinking too.

Turkey Panchetta

The two big dishes that was overwhelming choice to eat in here are the Pork Burger or the Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie.

Chicken Pot Pie

I took the liberty of ordering the Pork Burger. That thing although was delicious. It's also very humongous! The patty was very thick and fulfilling after eating half of it. Instead of lettuce, the burger instead comes with cabbage. Instead of potato fries, it's yam fires instead. It's sweet and have a different unique taste to go along with the pork burger.

Pork Burger

Now, back to the pork burger. I thought it was going to be shredded meat or a pork chop cutlet. With the patty portion, because it was so big, I had to cut in pieces .

Inside of Pork Burger

Even with that, I'll probably need to take two meals to finish that monstrosity of a huge burger. Definitely very fulfilling!


The appetizers are in two popular choices. The most requested seemed to be the Coxhina, which is a chicken in unique batter with special mayonnaise sauce. Also on hand was the Pastel Portuguese: which was a shrimp dumpling smothered in potato flavored batter marinated with pork sauce.

Pastel Portuguese

Inside of Pastel Portuguese

The restaurant is located in heart of downtown LA very near the Jewelery district. The service in this place was top notch as our server was excellent throughout the meal and was very knowledgeable in helping us decide. The chef also greet her guests warmly and was willing to take all suggestions that patrons might have. With service like this, it makes your meal more enjoyable

Brazilian Grilled Beef

For an authentic Brazilian or any Latin American meal, I would highly recommend anyone check this place out as it is unique in not just the sense of its bright colorful decor, but they also have wooden benches for seats for people sit along with the walls. They also provided many different unique cushions to go along with it.

Chocolate Truffle

Biggest obscurity?

Remembered about thinking about eating alone? Wonder no more! There's a table set up for people dining alone right in the middle of the restaurant. Every table is against the wall, only except that one. Plus as you can see in the picture, the table setting and chair is only for one. I think someone should take the opportunity and sit in that!

Wood Spoon
107 9th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 629-1765


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Anonymous said...

Your reviews are very through, and I love the pictures! But, it would be good to edit, check for spelling and grammatical errors and more before you post them. Maybe perhaps you could get someone else to beta-read them first? Then, they will read as more polished and professional!

Right Way to Eat said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the tip and encouragement. Although I'm not going for the professional, but doing this for fun, I'll try to do better as I along. Thanks again for the word of advise.

gourmetpigs said...

Thanks for this review! I've been wanting to try this place out and wondered what I should order - and now I know I can go alone! Haha
Although I don't know about that solo table in the middle of the room! It'll draw everyone's eyes to you!

Right Way to Eat said...

Hi Burumun,

You definitely can go alone with no problem at all. It's next to the Jewelery district in downtown where people often missed this place.

The table in the middle of the room was just weird. LOL