Saturday, May 10, 2008

One of the Best Ramen @ Daikokuya (Little Tokyo)

This is simply one of my favorite ramen place in all of LA.

I’m pissed at the fact that this place is zoo madhouse on the weekend. I guess that should not be a bad thing.

As accurately described on their website, the soup base is a pork flavored soy sauce soup that has seasoned bamboo shoots, a couple slices of black pork, with a soy sauce dipped hard boiled egg. The noodle itself is a thinly twined of a yellow egg flour noodle is richly prepared every day.

Watching them making the soup and noodle separately is interesting as it looked very complex, but it’s really simple to do. It is like watching artists at work on the kitchen. After the finish product, it did not take me very long to impale the entire bowl. I think I ate this bowl of noodle faster than at Orochon down the street.

A couple of interesting subjects that was brought up about this place that should be noted.

One, they do NOT serve to-go orders on a busy Saturday evening. Apparently I overheard in that they will only do it on weekday, but not on weekend where the diners get the priority. Great to hear.

Second, the spice level of the ramen will not be adjusted. If you wish to have it more spicier, then you will be probably better off at Shin Shen Gumi or Orochon rather than at this location. At Orochon, you can also ordered different type of soup (miso, soy, or Salt) rather than just the one that was served at this location.

The most annoying thing coming here on a busy weekend evening is that there is a long waiting list for a table. Definitely the people that are waiting are going to give the patrons eating a dirty look. I know it only because I was the one who also was doing it! When you are hungry and needing a table or counter seat, you’ll doing anything to get these people off and going.

I hate to say it, but I would gladly do it if they don’t hurry up and finish so that others can eat here.

The service at this place was awesome. Our servers was on top of their game and moving their feet constantly. There’s only two waitresses/servers working on that particular night, but yet we were taken care of very nicely.

Since obviously you are only to get one kind of ramen/soup, I also suggest getting the pork cutlet rice bowl to go along with your ramen for $10.99. That is a great deal and it feels like you have two meals going.

The meal is definitely worth it and if anybody coming to Little Tokyo for authentic ramen, I would highly suggest coming here first before going to Orochon to compete to get your Polaroid up at the board.

327 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-1680


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