Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Michelin Guide: Los Angeles Edition 2009

I always had a fascination on what the Europeans have thought of our restaurants in Los Angeles. Since last year, the famous Michelin Guide would designated one to three stars for restaurants that have met their approval of excellence in "culinary achievements".

Supposedly, they do not judged the restaurants by decor, interior designs, service, or table settings. The stars rating allegedly given by the Michelin Guide are strictly graded base on what it is on the plate. In other words, it's only the food that get noticed and nothing about the restaurant would mattered.

If you get one star, you are one of the best. Three stars being extremely superior and put on the pedestal of a legend for a year. Of course, LA does not have a three stars restaurant for the first two edition. However, they did increase from three to four restaurants for the 2 stars rating.

My only question was that if the place is super ghetto with crappy service and if the food is awesome, would this kind of place get a Michelin Star? Too bad I didn't see Pink's Hot Dogs on the list. Just kidding!

Without a Further ado, here are the ratings:

AsaneboVentura Boulevard
CUTBeverly Hills Reviewed on 3/23/09

Dining Room at the LanghamPasadena
Gordon Ramsay at the LondonHollywood
La BotteSanta Monica

Mori SushiWestside
OrtolanHollywood Reviewed on 3/10/09

Osteria Mozza Hollywood
Sushi ZoLos Angeles Reviewed on 4/3/09

Trattoria Tre VeneziePasadena
ValentinoSanta Monica

Water GrillDowntown

MélisseSanta Monica Reviewed on 7/20/09

SpagoBeverly Hills
UrasawaBeverly Hills



Not a big shock since it's based off some European guy's expectations. It's too bad I have only been to Hatfield's for my one and only Michelin stars experience. It is expected in that it's mostly French fare with a few sushi places thrown in there. No Middle Eastern. No Chinese. Definitely not any Mexican either. An example of LA's finest?

You decide.

Updated: Since the dawn of the new year, I have visited a few to scratch some of these restaurants off the list. I'll revisit Hatfield's soon to update a review for that place. Stay tuned to find out which other restaurants I have visited.


Anonymous said...

There is endless debate on what criteria they actually use. Regardless, I think Urasawa should be LA's lone three star restaurant - it is that good (and I've eaten at way too many 3 stars.) I'm sure Sona at 1 star is disappointing since they are clearly aiming at two.

Anonymous said...


Right Way to Eat said...

Hi ChuckEats,

Yeah, I also think some LA Restaurants deserved a Three Stars rating. Urasawa was often mentioned as such and so does Spago.

Never tried Sona, but was glad Joe's Restaurant get the boot from the list this year.

Hi Susy,

Take Me with you!!!!!