Friday, January 5, 2018

The Only Ingredients Needed Are Love and Salt

Italian cuisine has arrived in a big way. Did you know many Italian restaurants I posted before I decided to make a comeback to the blogging world? Guess how many Italian restaurants pre-2017 circa?

Zero. None. Big Goose Egg.

Yup, there wasn't much to write home about back then. However, since I made my epic return last month, this would be my third Italian restaurant that I wrote about within a 4 weeks span. It befuddled me on why I would not have any Italian joints at all for any of the 4 years in the early days of my blogsphere.

Hence, the big question: Did L.A. just recently have Italians stormed our sunny beaches and wanted to settle here to be part of this socially inclined culture? Or did we just took it for granted for so many years?

Either way, there are so many new places opened up with introductions to the many fine works of hand made pastas that are done within confine of the kitchen or oven baking pizzas that are both delicious, but considered to be the work of art by an angel.

Duck Egg Pie - pancetta, panna, potato, rosemary, mozzarella, parmesan

One of the finer place in town is in the southwest coastal confine of Manhattan Beach. I love going for a stroll to the beach and visit many of the boutique shops situated in the a plus sign shaped area stretch near the city hall to the pier. Fantastic places to go if you want to immerse yourself to a beach atmosphere minus the fast pace touristy feels of Santa Monica.

Love & Salt dropped in to this upscale uber high class neighborhood a few years back, right when the Italian invasion was about to swept through LA. It first stormed the beaches with their high bone marrow dishes (remembered what I showed at my Bestia posts? Everyone loves bone marrows now) to the much publicized "pig head".

Rabbit Porchetta wrapped with Prosciutto & Swiss Chard and accompanied with Black Rice and Farro

Majority of their menu consists of their popular pastas and a section dedicated to their oven baked dishes including their artisan pizzas. I think one of the big positive attraction was the Rabbit Porchetta. This was a fantastic dish of a rabbit wrapped in prosciutto and a Swiss chard that to me should be the highlight of their menu.

I owed that thanks to a certain ex-LA dining critic who complained about the accessibility of the dish and its price (it's half of the price and can be served as a single main course ...instead of a big platter that was served back then).

Chicken Liver Pate

I love the set up of this place, which has big open window looking out of the street. Apparently the location was a former longtime French restaurant whose front door encompass the window view, which made it looked like a den back then.

The reboot from a French bistro to a more modern Italian cuisine with a new direction pays off immensely with a fresher look by getting rid of the column tables for a open settings and an open kitchen that does not deter them from offering an elegant dining experience.


The awesome dining experience I just had can be traced back to the time I had in Simon LA, which is now run by the same chef that I used to have the pleasure dining at. Apparently the name of the restaurant is the same as their motto. The only ingredient you really need is "Love & Salt.

With the dishes I was able to go through, my thought process was that I need to come back and tried their other well crafted dishes. Very impressed on what I was able to taste so far. Probably the best dining experience I have had in this part of the peninsula.

After what I experienced in the past few years, I can safely attest that the Italian cuisine has never been better here in LA. Full steam ahead I say!

Love & Salt
317 Manhattan Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Love and Salt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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