Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Chix's Addiction at The Crack Shack

The chicken explosions are everywhere. Within the past year, I'm hearing the rage about chicken this, chicken that. There are just no limits to it.

You got the KFC (Korean Fried Chickens), the Colonel (the Kentucky version of KFC), the chicken tenders (Raising Canes), Hot Chix (Nashville varieties are the big story of 2016 & 2017), and of course... the countless wings expansions on every possible corner of every major intersections in town. When will this ever stop?

Location of the interior with Bar on the left of entrance

The chicken sandwiches (chix sando, slang for my inner circle) are the bee's knees. Forget waffles, even donuts places must have them too. Don't ask, it does happened. Instagram can provides proof to those unthinkable possibilities.

Complete tray of Chicken, Sandwich and Deviled Eggs 

Which brings up an interesting scenario, does gastropub needs one too? You know... beer, wine, cocktails, hence they need chicken too! Yup, unfathomable becomes the reality. Chicken goes well with cocktails too.

Crack Shack, aptly named because of their delicious fried chicken, have recently expanded to Costa Mesa near the southwest end of the 55 freeway. The third incarnation of Crack Shack is the brain child of a popular Top Chef Contestant and Winner Richard Blais, with plans of expanding into Century City, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and one other LA location in the foreseeable future.


The cute aspect of this place was that you would literally need to line up in front of a shack like hut. Order in the shack first, then proceed to hit the two floors dining hall with a bar, which funny enough was nicknamed "the coop". Maybe I was just thinking it would be too cliche, but a giant rooster would greet you behind the grand entrance. This statue reminds me of the giant rooster that was guarding the yard at the Anaheim Packing District.

Original Chicken

The atmosphere bordered between a casual hangout for the family as it have a "play pen" on one side, an intimate dining with a fireplace, and a cross of hip hangout with jukebox like atmosphere that honky tonk its way at a bar serving cocktails. If you see the video above, it's quite a lively atmosphere with a degree of differences on each corner of the coop.

Coop Deville - fried chicken, pickled fresno chilies, lime mayo, napa cabbage, brioche with add-on of bacon

The chicken served here are very addicting with its own herbs and spices. What's unique about this place's menu was that everything evolves around chicken and eggs. The deviled egg served here was quite addicting, might I say like "crack?

Deviled Egg

With more chicken flying to the conscious mind of our today's youth, it undoubtedly will happen when it pairs with adult beverages. I do admit in that beer pairings are essential, but with the lively chic atmosphere provided here for cocktails, I was quite surprised on how well this mix match would do. I think the possibilities are endless and by the end of the night, I became a fan of this establishment.

Catchy part about coming here is the parking situation. Maybe it's because it was super popular right off the bat, but I can tell by the traffic congestion and spotted where the establishment is at. It looks like the neighbors does not like it one bit and probably requested someone in the parking enforcement be on the lookout for parking space violators. It can be petty at the OC sometimes.

Overall, I want to come back and maybe try it with their highly decorative crafted cocktails. Maybe daring enough to try their hot Firebird. At least it got me excited enough to give it another go, which most places are giving me the huh with the ho hum added on. Chicken is chicken, right? If this place can exceed beyond the gimmick, then I think they are within the realm of repeat visits.

Bad news for the neighbors...

Crack Shack
196 E 17th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Crack Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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