Friday, January 19, 2018

Year's Best Discovery at Commerson

Quite honestly, I don't remembered why I decided to come here in the very first place.

I went in blind as a bat and have no idea on what this place was about. From what I remembered the most was that I wanted to check out Republique, the popular French bistro that was owned by the chef I have visited during a promo gathering back when he was in Church & State. My mistake was assuming you can just walked in for dinner.... not realizing the reservation for dinners are booked weeks in advance.

I did the walk-ins on a few other places and was able to get in or at least come back the next day or so (ie Chi Spacca, Bestia, Rossoblu).

To compensate, I think I went into Instagram and checked out a ballet dancer's story that she posted daily. I strictly remembered she always go to this restaurant. Never really described the dishes she had and frankly I couldn't tell you which cuisine it was served. I can fathom seafood? Maybe Mediterranean? How about just plain Comfort food?

Seriously I was grasping for straws at that time. I took a chance and just go right in. Luckily, it paid off big time.

Commerson is what best described as a French bistro with inspiration of California fare, aka local farm to table ingredients with haute French techniques. What intrigued me about restaurants in LA are that it now mimics establishments in other major cities like New York and San Francisco.... restaurants that are in the bottom floor of apartment or residential building.

I was looking at Yelp and my buddy Kevineats blogged about this place, which I researched later on and found out about the background of the chef (Kevin does wonders on this) and about the restaurant. I was amazed on how I was even able to get some good choices without even a faint of idea before walking in.

Sweet Potato Agnolotti - Duck Confit, Poached Cranberries, Toasted Pistachios, Browned Butter

My first big impression was to get the agnolotti. This version has sweet potato with duck confit in it. Hallelujah to this, it was my favorite dish of the night! Probably my best choice I have made in quite awhile if I say so myself. Brilliant on my part, but the chef nails it.

On a weird side note, that's what everyone was clamoring on Yelp. So apparently I was so late on this as it was already super popular on that platform.

Seared Atlantic Sea Scallops with English Peas, Pickled Lemon, Chantelle mushrooms, Mint, and Miso

Here comes the funny part, my followers on Instagram seemed to love the scallops that was presented here. It's either the lighting at the counter seats or the fact that the miso over the scallops are what they are salivating for. I think the presentation play up to it where it was pleasing to the eyes, but to my stomach... pure bliss!

Red Yam Coupe (Mushroom ice cream, Marshmallows, Fried Yams Strips, and Ginger Snap)

Those 2 plates were the delicious highlights of the night, but the most bizzare presentation of the place was their desserts. Get a look of this hairy looking medusa, which was the Red Yam Coupe, a yam strips covering a parfait of marshmallows and ice cream. It was recommended by a very helpful bartender who gave me a tip that the ice cream is mushroom flavored (yeah, you read it correctly - MUSHROOM).

Ginger Smash

I seriously doubt I would have made that guess as my palate could not have decipher that taste. She gave me that big insight before I ordered it because I think she somewhat trying to talk me out of ordering this dessert. Perhaps it got send back by the uninitiated gourmands? The bartender also makes a killer cocktail drinks at this place.

Frankly I was proud of myself for getting out of comfort zone and took a risk on something that I had no clue on how it would turned out. I think it was way better than any of my blind dates or guestimation on building furniture without instructions or measurements.

As in for the ballet dancer who I gladly give credited for leading me here; I noticed she doesn't go out or ventured out to other places as much. Majority of the places seemed to be on the safe side as we speak. Location scouting and suggestions are very welcome by yours truly. If anyone would like to give out the deeds, please drop in the comments.

If I bring back the grade system, this would get it a very favorable rating.

788 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Commerson Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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