Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Unlock the Fun at Lock & Key Social Drinkery + Kitchen

In the new year edition, I decided to venture out to a nether region we otherwise called "suburbia".  This brings me out of my comfort zone to a city we often passed by without a thought, on the 605 freeway going to SGV or downtown. Or maybe we stopped by because it's on the way to go to Long Beach and needed a restroom break. Hence, there is such a city we called Downey for that pit stop.

In my most abstract moment of thinking, back in the hey day, city of Downey was an abyss that pretty much have a liquor store on every corner of their major intersection. I still vividly remembered every stores or businesses that is within the operation on the city property would need to close by 8pm. It was such a destitute and eerie quiet locale, I always wondered if it had something like Gremlins was about to happen at night time.

The mood inside (click "play")

Good news, times are changing in the world of Downey. Revitalization took place where certain major chains (mainly Porto's Bakery & Raising Canes) decided to bring infusion into a city that badly needs a new vibe.

Besides the Stonewood Mall, there was a recent gentrification south of it called Downey Landing where a brand new state of the art of theaters and eateries opened up and a hipper scene in the downtown Downey area.

Which brings up the location we are discussing today. Lock & Key Social Drinkery + Kitchen is a mixture of cocktail bar combining with steakhouse scene that wants to cash in on the night club party crowd that is descending upon in downtown Downey (I counted no less than 4 places that opened late for midnight schmoozing).

Rose Gold

Show Me Flowers

LKSD was popular when as a viral sensation when a video of their prized 40oz Tomahawk chop steak was introduced on several online sites. Their dry aged USDA prime steak was popularized to the masses back in 2012 where people to get to see the first hand on an affordable pricing (currently $99).

That was able to get some to the door to try out the place as I have heard it would have a 2 hour wait for a table back then. More importantly, I think the smart play was that they were able to step up their cocktail menu programs where I think this might be their savior.

USDA Prime Dry Age Tomahawk Chop Steak

The gastropub fare includes burgers, fries, and sliders that you may find latest trend bar in town. The Duck Face Fries is probably the best out of the sides with the main attraction of their 40oz Tomahawk.

Overall the menu can play out to nibbler crowds that are looking for bite size eats, but the big draw is their drinks of cocktails and many selections of beer on tap. It works in their favor when they are trying to catch the wave of the night time crowd that still lingers down in the south, rather than making that trek to the hipster land of the north part of downtown.

Duck Face Fries

Petal Pistol

For the big part, supposedly the owner of this establishment wanted to open up a place in his hometown. It's a good thing because no one needs to go to the chipster (Cholo Hipster to Latinos or Chinese Hipsters to the Chinese) hangouts in Boyle Heights, Echo Park or East LA if you can hang in Downey.

Less of an abyss these days with Porto's down the street and hip vibrant night time atmosphere about to brew. Things are looking up for birthplace to NASA space program and otherwise known as the hometown to the Carpenters.

It's about to be more than that.

Lock & Key Social Drinkery + Kitchen
11033 Downey Ave
Downey, CA 90241

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