Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quarterly Report on the 2009 New Year's Resolution List

Baby Abalone at Sushi Zo

Remembered the silly list I compiled late last year? It was my New Year's Resolution list of places I have wanted to visit in 2009. It was a daunting task because of weird variety of places that set them apart anywhere from being a hole in the wall place to a fine dining place I have yet to visit.

Funny story.... I had visited three of those places this past week and the list is about one-fourth of being done. Some people try to lose weight unsuccessfully for their new year's resolution. I think this list was much more manageable for me as I can eat my way out without feeling guilty.

My reviews on some of those places includes Mom's Burgers, Sushi Zo, La Casita Mexicana, and Urasawa will come out soon. Now, I just need to be put in a Jenny Craig diet.

Wanna join me?


Diana said...

I haven't done so well on my list. Only been to 1 of the 10! Shameful! Angelini is on my list as well.

kevinEats said...

So which places do you have lined up next to conquer?

Kung Food Panda said...

The biggest one was probably Urasawa right? =)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I'll sign up for the diet, not the list. Being a food blogger is not good for the waistline. :(

K.J. said...

I'll sign up for the foo even my 2009 resoluction is also to loose someweight too :)-
Actually have been running daily after work and I think I can manage some extra place to visit :)-


Right Way to Eat said...

Hey D,

one out of ten is not bad considering your list is way up there. I can't wait to see which place you will hit up next.

Hey kevinEats,

Totoraku is still my #1 place to conquer. All of the other place i can make a reservation to or just walk in. Totoraku is the only place I need help to get in, so that is why it's up there on my list to do.

Hey Kung Food Panda,

Yeah Urasawa is my biggest one so far this year. You were with me!

Hey Wandering Chopsticks,

Join me on the exercise. We can make the waist line disappear!

Hey KJ,

You looked skinny. I need some exercise tips from you! LOL

K.J. said...

I am not that skinny!
i do run everyday after work for about 4 miles and walk another 4 miles in the park.

love your sushi zo review.


Right Way to Eat said...

Thanks KJ!

Yes, we need your exercise advise! You need to train us all for the next buffet outing. LOL