Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grand Preview: D-Town Burger Bar (Downtown L.A.)

Here's an interesting thing on my way to the Varnish earlier this week: another new place opened up in downtown L.A. This time is a burger joint that is about a few blocks away from Cole's and the Varnish bar where I was going to meet up a few friends for a night cap drinks.

I was pondering about whether or not to grab a quick bite before stepping into the place since it will be a while before dinner time. I was made aware of this place by a downtown blog, which gave me a favorable impression of the place. It just opened up on March 6, so it was not even two weeks old when I made this visit.

It was pretty quiet at around 5pm in the afternoon and I was probably one of the only two patrons in here. The jukebox was playing in the background and a shiny new counter that reminds you of the old classic diner was in full effect as well. A much more retro place than a Johnny Rocket? Perhaps. This place is a bit tad tight in terms of space, but then again it's down LA. As pointed out, it has a nice counter bar seats with several tables scattered around the bar counter.

Stepping inside, a big board on the east side wall is where the menu has been positioned at. As you can see, it's very limited with only three visible items on hand: a burger, hot dog, and fries. There is also a vegetarian burger if you desired, but it's really bare bone at this moment.

The Current Menu

My initial thought was that this has to be their launch menu. I'm pretty certain that they will add more items when they do get a chance. It's just like any other burger joints that started in its infancy as it will take time for the menu to grow. From what I gathered, it was a very straight forward menu.

I ordered their combo meal #1, which consists of a burger, mixture of regular fries and sweet potato fries, with a regular soft drink. The burger was not bad at all. It was served with fresh vegetables and the quality was almost similar to what you can get at either Five Guys & Burgers or Red Robins.

For $6.75, it was cheaper than a comparable burger combo I got yesterday at a Compton joint. Even better news, not much different in terms of quality of taste against some of the more overpriced burgers that is out there in West Hollywood or even beach cities. Just for a downtown burger joint, it's priced right about what you can get around here. Just think about it, a sausage joint is charging $6 for a sausage dog. Yes, that's the current rate at downtown L.A. these days.

Combo #1 - Burger, mixed fries, and a softdrink ($6.75)

Obviously, it's hard to judge a place that was just opened and with many new additions that is about to come. They probably need to make some finishing touches and work out some of their kinks. For a brand new two weeks-old place, it was very solid and probably will be a hit. I probably could hang out here just to shoot a breeze at a early supper hour. Couldn't quite fathom what this place will be like when they are busy, since it's a very small place.

Post note: As I was going home at 10pm after my Varnish visit, this place was packed. So indeed, this place is doing pretty well at late night and probably busy as well during lunch hours.

D-Town Burger Bar
216 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 228-0022

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D Town Burger Bar in Los Angeles


mattatouille said...

not bad, i should try this place out when i'm nearby (going to Spring for Coffee)

Right Way to Eat said...

Hey Mattatouille,

I was thinking about doing a whole series of new places that had opened up in downtown. Spring Coffee and other coffee shop down on Broadway are some of the places I was thinking of trying.

Downtown is going to have more new places opening up. I had heard another Bottle Rock is opening too.