Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quarterly Report on the 2009 New Year's Resolution List

Baby Abalone at Sushi Zo

Remembered the silly list I compiled late last year? It was my New Year's Resolution list of places I have wanted to visit in 2009. It was a daunting task because of weird variety of places that set them apart anywhere from being a hole in the wall place to a fine dining place I have yet to visit.

Funny story.... I had visited three of those places this past week and the list is about one-fourth of being done. Some people try to lose weight unsuccessfully for their new year's resolution. I think this list was much more manageable for me as I can eat my way out without feeling guilty.

My reviews on some of those places includes Mom's Burgers, Sushi Zo, La Casita Mexicana, and Urasawa will come out soon. Now, I just need to be put in a Jenny Craig diet.

Wanna join me?

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