Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Conclusion to the Search for Perfection (Part III) @ The Bazaar By José Andrés (Los Angeles)

Please check out my 1st installment of the Review for Bazaar for the appetizers and starters.
Then check out my 2nd installment of the Review for Bazaar for the seafood and carnes tapas.

We're now in the final stretch run in this saga of a very long review. We have already gone through with the long meal of some very appealing appetizers and enjoyed some of the very tasty tapas there were beautifully presented with creative imagination. Now it's about time for the part of the meal that either sealed the deal of a great evening or left wondering if we should get Dairy Queen's hot fudge: The Desserts.

One of our dining companion was an avid reader of Los Angeles Times Restaurant critic S. Irene Virbila's reviews and have followed her review of The Bazaar when she briefly mentioned about the Patisserie. We decided to ask our server if it was possible to have our desserts there at that famed dining table that was mentioned by Ms. SIV. It's usually with reservation, but since no one was using it, we scored that exclusive spots.

Along the way, we were able to pass by some of the beautiful display cases filled with creative decorative pieces. The Mad Hatter Tea party table complete with a King's Throne at the head of the table with the low chair stools for his loyal subjects. Fancy chandeliers was hanging above us as well for that intimate setting for the sweets we are about to receive.

The Tea table complete with the King's throne for a Mad Hatter's Party

In what truly can only to be described as decadent, these are the following treats we have ordered for ourselves. I'll presented these desserts first and let you take a good look at it.

Clementine Sorbet - With roses and black currants ($10)

Hot Chocolate Mousse - With pear sorbet and salty hazelnut praline ($10)

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta - With apricots and muscat gelatin ($10)

Nitro Coconut Floating Island - With passion fruit and vanilla ($10)

Creamy Chocolate Heart - With coffee and cardamom ($10)

Chilled Berry Soup - With fresh berries, mint and goat’s milk ice cream ($10)

Chocolate Stick - Orange gelatin, fresh citrus segments, chocolate snap and freeze-dried raspberries ($10)

Out of all these delicious treats, only the creamy chocolate heart and chocolate stick were difficult to look at. Yet, all of them were very enjoyable. We shared all of these treats like a communial taste testing like we did with the tapas. The result was that out of all the dishes, everyone was gushing over the Nitro Coconut Floating Island where it was deconstructed into this ominous foam that resembles a big Chinese steamed bun. The presentation was cute and gotten the ladies giggling like a school girls over that little platter.

I personally picked the panna cotta with gelatin which was quite delicious when you are able to dig to the bottom layer of the cup to reach in for that hidden delight. Some of us were treated to a pop rock chocolate that was passed out as a complimentary treat by the staff. Remembered how your parents would say this loud sound is like teeth grinding? Well, I popped into my mouth and devoured it, yet I still hear the crunchy noise of the pop rock even after I took it down.

You can also shop for some their dessert treats that are on sale at this part of the room for take outs. They have delicious gum drops that they made that were quite exquisite and out of this world. The biggest recommendation seemed to be the saffron Candy Drop which one of our dining mate refused to drink water after having that candy because she didn't want to lose the sensation of that wonderful she just insert into her taste bud. That was how good she made Saffron Candy Drop to be.

Whether or not, we had the best meal ever can be debateable. However I think this is one of the truly remarkable place for dining experience in Los Angeles that you will be cherishing for a while until you make your next trip. Service here was impeccable and the food was over all fantastic.

Perfection for this place? Almost.

Oh here's the Bar Centro which is right next door to the restaurant where they have the fancy looking lounge for beautiful people to sit while they are sipping their cocktails waiting for their guest to arrive. I was there for only one minute because most of my guests arrived on time and also I threw it in there because Ms. SIV mentioned it.

OK I'm done. El Fin.

Bar Centro's Lounge - Next door to The Bazzar

Please out check my 1st installment of the Review for Bazaar for the appetizers and starters.
Then check out my 2nd installment of the Review for Bazaar for the seafood and carnes tapas.

The Bazaar by José Andrés
465 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 246-5567



Unknown said...

Great review Mike. I'll agree with your A grade. It was truly and experience and the best one at that for dineLA. I'm definitely interested in coming back for the dineLA next year if Bazaar offers it!

Unknown said...

lol i had to go back for round two at bazaar... poor wallet.

glutster said...


Baazar eyy?

"One day" for me man.

Oh yeah, and about that food marathon within 3-4 mini-marathons, it all came to me in a dream man...

drop me an email for the details...

Right Way to Eat said...

Hey Danny,

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, can't wait for next year and at the same time, glad it's over.

..only because my wallet can't take it anymore!

Hey Susy,

Let me join you on the 2nd round of Bazaar. Your wallet will have to treat me to this meal! :P

Hi Glutster,

I'll drop you that email soon.

Your day at Bazaar will come soon!