Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Southern Way to Dine at Preux and Proper

Here's one for the books. What's the best way to have a gin or a southern tea? The preux thing to do is to serve it with fried chicken. The proper thing for the southern tea is to have with biscuits.

In no time, people put it together and have biscuits and fried chicken. Don't get me started on the waffle business mixing with fried chicken... never understood it. Butter goes better with biscuits than syrup on a waffle.

Punk Evans - Beluga Vodka, Lemongrass, Thai Basil, Watermelon Balls

Preux and Proper is an unique dining experience of having an upscale Southern comfort food that locates at the heart of the fashion district in downtown LA. If you ever seen the Triangle shaped restaurant that is in the middle of two converging streets that overlooked on the "A" shaped corner of the street, you'll know you hit the spot.

Honey Lavender Earl Grey Old Fashioned

This Cajun and Creole hot spot didn't always attracted the crowd that they have right now. I think it was the fact it was trying to cash in on the New Orlean's burbon street atmosphere crazy of the Mardi Gras. In my recollection, the frozen daiquiris with the happy hour crowd was a big reason I didn't think much of coming here, but it was a big hit. So never had a good reason to dine here.

Out of the blue, I swore... something changed overnight.


Maybe it was the fact a new chef who  came in two years and decided to overhaul the concept of this southern comfort food restaurant and make it a dining destination. Why not take advantage of the place having the piazza that oozes comfortable chic vibe. It's a gorgeous view from the patio seating (fight for that table spot for reservation should be an Olympic sport). Revamping the cocktail menu, abet the frozen daiquiris get to stay.


Upscale dining on a fried chicken and corn on the cob with some amazing drinks? You'll be amazed  how some of it actually paired up and worked to the right tone. The biscuit that comes with the fried chicken works great with the Old Fashioned I had. Although I think I should have gone with an ice tea at the time.

The menu consists of everything you would have gladly ordered down at the Louisiana like po boys, grits, cornbread, hush puppies, jambalaya, catfish, and gumbo. It does bring a perspective on how a simple comfort food can be re-imagined. Remembered about my post on Taiwanese food (Kato) ?

Thoroughly unexpected as I was trying to imagine a Mardi Gras crowd with the frozen daiquiris, but it's much more of mix of middle aged and younger hipsters. No where near the USC students I was expecting. A classier vibe I guess than a rambunctious chaos of party zone.

My big take on this over is to try their catfish next time. With all the great cocktails and other southern influenced drinks, it's hard not to come back here for dining. Who knows? Maybe I'll be adventurous and get the frozen daiquiris.

It's the Preux and Proper way to have a southern dance.

Preux and Proper
840 S Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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