Thursday, October 11, 2018

Newest Gourmet Tacos Discovered at Azulé Taqueria

Have you ever had cactus before? Being honest, I never thought the desert plant can be edible. To make it as tacos was quite something else.


Santa Monica has evolved in recent years where it used to be a tourists attraction because of the beach along the coast line to mega shopping mecca in the heart of the downtown area. In recent years, it started to make comeback as a culinary destination as it once was back in the late 1990's where some of the finest dining would be settled in this hotbed.

One of the newest entry to formidable dining scene was a food hall enacted on the busy Third Street Promenade called Gallery Food Hall.

Azulé Taqueria is the newest venture from an established restaurant group K2, which also introduced StrFsh in the same food plaza. Located on the 2nd floor in the Gallery Food Hall, was this exciting casual fare that introduced us to many gourmet tacos.


As I promised a grilled Cactus is used as protein for a taco. Fascinating as it sounds, for me I had to get used to the big chunk, as I was never quite sure this plant can be digested. For some reason, the perception was pins on skins. Eventually I got over it and did wound up loving the fantastic flavor.

The more I pursue the menu, the more I discovered many of the tacos have some elaborated elements to their tacos components that would make a great tapas for some. A fantastic place to grab an elevated casual food and enjoy the atmosphere of a fine surroundings.


As you decided to spent time to look around the food hall, you'll discover a great balcony view overlooking the third street promenade. In a way it was a hidden oasis as I discovered not too many people had ventured out this far yet. Great for now, but will be busier once news gets out.

As I was writing this, Azulé Taqueria are having their promotional sales of Buy one get one free of their tacos until 10/16/2018. It's a great way to try out many of their fine selections.

Azulé Taqueria
1315 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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