Thursday, November 1, 2018

Top Notch Pollo a La Brassa at Higo Chicken

In a world where we don't often get the best of both world, we often tend to get the poor imitation.

That's where the word "fusion" get the bad rap.

Causa Rellena - Whipped Potato with Aji Amarillo, filled with Shredded Chicken

How did we come with this poor misconception? Pretty much I can think it was originated from people who wants to mix two different things together and hoped the mashed-up works. I still think the worst idea in the world are the durian pancake or ube latte. You just can't pleased everyone by mixing some stuff.


Higo Chicken is a brainchild of the owners who started up Higo Sushi that had opened down the street from this Pan-Latin Cuisine place. It's a Peruvian cuisine that had a hand with some Japanese influences, especially with the ingredients. Higo Chicken obviously can obviously be Pollo a la Brasa (Rotisserie Chicken), but they do a bit more than what the name suggested.

The famed Rostierrie Chicken with SpinachTallarin with Basil Sauce and Cheese

First, I pursue some of the items on the menu where I was curious about the ingredients on the dishes. Especially the potato being a popular ingredients on both the apps and the mains. Pasta is also another item reign supreme in the menu as well. I especially love their version of the tallarin (think spaghetti, but in this case spinach spaghetti with basil sauce!).

Crazier thing is that we all need to try the Causa Rellena, which is like a whipped potato puree with a shredded chicken in the middle. This is a sight to be hold when it was presented.


Their dessert is also another worth checking out. One of the offering was a lucuma flavored ice cream, which the fruit itself is a native of Peru. I could best described the taste like durian minus the smell. For ice cream, it's bearable and worth the experience it is given.

My plan coming here wasn't to compared authentic Peruvian with Latin fusion food. Far from it. In my pleasant dining experience here, I founded in that even though the owners who dabbled with the artistry of Japanese cuisine in their other location with a few Peruvian dishes in that sushi joint. Having them to decide to invest fully on a separate location to dedicate Peruvian dishes was a great call. With no regrets, I can honestly say this should be an authentic Latin fare everyone can enjoy.

Just like my deal with Urban Cup review, I'm still hoping fusion cuisine thrives in my area.

ps. I have placed this restaurant as one of my go to place for chicken in Los Angeles / Orange County. Check out my other chicken dishes related restaurants on this Top 10 List.

Higo Chicken
722 E Whittier Blvd
La Habra, CA 90631

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