Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Meeting for the First Time at Little Sister

Have you ever met a little sister of any of your friend?

Chances are that you have and will always find something unique about meeting her for first time. That's how I felt about coming to Little Sister in their downtown Los Angeles location.

Going back, I actually went to the original location of the same name at Manhattan Beach. Love the cool beach vibes that serves modernized Vietnamese cuisine to their upscale million dollar neighborhood.

Tom Rang Thit Ba Chi - Caramelized Prawn, Pork Spare Ribs, Lardons in Clay Pot

This new surroundings presents a different challenge. It's now catered the busy buzzy crowd of downtown metropolis.

Going inside of the newer little sister of the Little Sister location, they kept the elements the same. Smaller tight space with open tables by the left side of the wall with open high counter seats on the right side. There is even a matching L shape bar with a few tellie playing sports game.

Identical. Like a Siamese twins. You almost couldn't tell it apart by the looks between Manhattan Beach or downtown.

Funny thing was... I actually like the downtown location better.

The same soft touch on the ingredients on the food was still met. You still get the same intricate touches on the take of modernized Vietnamese food that was made popular when it first came out at the Manhattan Beach location. Some of my favorite involves their Salt & Pepper Lobster, which comes out as a split lobster, which then the remaining meat will then be use as a fried rice prepared for you as the final course.

Beef Tartare

Their other top mentioned dishes besides the noodles dishes were their interpretation of shaky beef (Bo Luc Lac) and their seafood clay dish (Tom Rang Thit Ba Chi), which the latter I enjoyed the most. The made to order spring rolls are also a must order on the location as well.

Nothing in terms of food wise I would noticed different. The big takeaway may have been the ambiance for me. I guess the location here in downtown was geared towards night out on the town crowd, which contrast the locale of the uber suburbia clientele that they get. Make no mistake, it's still gear towards couple night, date night, and the friends get to-gather atmosphere.

A Drink Called Charlize Theron (Yes it's red and should have been called Emma Stone)

Oh here's a funnier part, all night at Manhattan Beach location, I am always stuck in between couples who are out on their first Tinder dates. I guess that's how these couples are now getting hooked up. With the downtown crowd and its location, it's more of the casual friends zone.

Maybe it's why I'm a bit more comfortable with the younger sis of the Little Sister. It's the kinda feeling you would have at meeting your friend's little sister... the trusting feeling that makes you more relaxed.

Little Sister
523 W. 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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