Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sitting At The Cool Table at Blacksmiths

OutKast asked an interesting question... what's cooler than being cool? Ice Cold!

Funny about this, but I still think being cool is cooler. And there's no place cooler to be in, just to be cool, than at one of hottest trendy place in town called Blacksmiths.


Downtown LA has seen its share of revitalization within the recent decade. The progression has been marked significantly through the seedier part of town from the so-called art district, fashion district, and now the old bank district which this restaurant resides at.

Hamachi - Citrus Vinaigrette, avocado, mango, sliced breakfast radish, micro greens, and red jalapeƱo.

Blacksmiths is another cool hip trendy place that pretty much sums up about LA: the need to be seen kind of place.

You can't just have another place with good food, or vibes that matches with people who are willing to shell big bucks. Apparently now it has to be buzz worthy, exciting to be in, and more importantly place that is needed to be jibe with the right kind of crowd... aka non-hipster, classy, but yet will welcome anyone wants to be in it.

Nothing says it better than a place where ballahs are at.

Grilled Spanish Octopus - okinawa puree, caramelized pineapple, pickled red onions, sour tomatillos crispy fava beans, tangy sweet sauce

This brunch spot in the weekend also happens to be a posh busy nightspot for dinner. It rivals my other favorite dinner spot at Rossoblu as the it place to be at this moment in downtown. The restaurant took over a former hot spot in a 1st floor of a loft building in the Golden Triangle section of Alameda Street (between 4th Street and 2nd Street).

Drunken Love

This American cuisine style hot spot has some of the best elements going for them was their open seating and spectacular space that utilizes as a trendy club spot if they ever decides to remove the area next to the bar. Oh, since we're broaching the topic of bar, this elegant chic style bar is one of the beautiful crafted area I have seen.

Several dishes I have ordered that seemed to grabbed a much publicized attention was their Hamachi dish and their grilled Octopus entree. Both are elegantly presented with thoughts of the look to please to capture the allure of your taste buds. I have to say that high recommendations seemed to be spot on as the aforementioned entree and starter are able to draw in the foodie crowd.

It's A Vibe!

The drinks menu program here are also a big plus. I do like the selections of many crafted cocktails that were offered. The big attractions is the ambiance and decor of the interior for excellent dining experience. The price point might be exorbitant for everyday folks, but this location was always geared towards toward the power players or the special occasion crowds. With the food, drinks, and service being top notch, the price would probably be a moot at that point when the check arrives.


If this is such a cool place, do you need reservations for brunch on the weekend or at dinner at any night. You betcha! You can catch a few on the bar area as well, but it's too chic to missed out on a cushy table.

117 Winston St
Los Angeles CA 90013

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