Friday, September 21, 2018

Indonesian Cuisine at Its Finest Served at Kasih

Indonesian food has often been misrepresented and underrepresented.

It's often misrepresented because people often associated as a street food or some sort of quick easy snack food. I think the most common example is some fish balls in curry soup or the instant noodle packs you might have seen in your local market.


Underrepresented in here in LA for somewhat of an odd reason. It does have a sizable population from the southeast Asian country, but the best restaurant is in a hard to naviagate strip mall in Bellflower (Toko Rame) and through the word of mouth, a local vendor is selling from a back of a pick up truck somewhere in a Covina parking lot.

Not a joke, one of my ex-coworker actually need to snap a photo of the menu that is posted on the side of the pick up truck and would have to pre-order the dishes, then go to that parking lot to pick it up.  I missed having that Roti and Nasi Goreng as I don't know which parking lot to look for.


Good news, both problems solved in one swoop with the opening of Kasih in Little Tokyo area of downtown. A recently opened Indonesian fare that not only bring out the best of this underrepresented cuisine, but also dash that street fare perception by elevating to a whole new level.


Coming to this restaurant, I was already ,impressed the chic decor inside and the up tempo look of the patio table seating. Not exactly the low down simple comfort fare we come to expect. The upside on this is that we may get the fancier fare of an elegant treatment of this cozy cuisine.

Nasi Goreng is still what I want. That to many of us can be just simply a fried rice, but with intricates of spices and seasoning, this can be a spectacular dish.


My other favorite dish was their interpretation of Snapper Ceviche. The seafood fare is fairly discounted in most Indonesian establishment, but doing it along the lines of their elevated dishes fits the theme here without further thoughts. I think it works well.


Some of my fond memory in coming here was their pork belly. Their "Babi Guling" included this fabulous Balinese Salad as the pork belly was served with this Asian Chips just like the fried rice.


Maybe we just count our lucky stars with this upscale fare, but it doesn't stopped there. The desserts was also fantastic as well. I just can't get over the feeling of how that Coconut Panna Cotta looks. It got the gelee in between panna cotta with the mango puree on top. Serves with banana gelato, it totally completed me.


Their cocktails are phenomenal as well. Picture this for a second, even the passers by want to join in on a few drinks. That's how bad this looks. The patio seating invites the lookie loos and it's a great advertisement on how fantastic of a meal it wound up to be.

Thoroughly impressed with this dining experience here at Kasih. I had one little wish though after this.... someone needs to help me find that pickup truck or at least show me the parking lot where I can find that other Indonesian fare.

200 S. Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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