Friday, May 4, 2018

Elites Gathering at Aveo Table + Bar

I used to be very active on Yelp. I think majority of people understood about what that website was about. With plenty of people venting or raving about the businesses or places they have visited, this was bound to have plenty of users. Recently, I have more ample time and decided to be jump back into actively "contribute" to the site.

Most of the time I think people use Yelp for photos of the establishments to get an idea what the place of business is offering (especially for me on how the place looks in laying out the tables and what the outside of the place looked like).

In a weird sense, I think the website is more informative on hours of operations, address, phone numbers, and maps... than Goggle itself! Which coincidentally Goggle incorporate most of the info from Yelp anyways, but still rely on users of Yelp to update for their Google search for each business.


Besides the innate info about various forms of establishments (mainly restaurants) are the perks of going to an exclusive event. In many cases, they are like preview or showcasing what the places serves or how business operate. It's like putting on a show for selected members of VIP for using the website. You usually need to be an "elite" .. aka active users.. to be invited to this preview.


Which in this case, yours truly here got the invite.

Margherita Flatbread Pizza

An interesting invite caught my eye was to this restaurant, Aveo Table + Bar that is located on the property of this luxury resort hotel at Dana Point. For the uninitiated, this is going off 30 minutes away from most major metropolitan area of either Orange County or San Diego burbs. Beautiful beaches with excellent nature environment makes this place perfect for a nice weekend getaway.

Snapper Ceviche

This place was one of the more fascinating place on my list to visit. Situated as an elegant posh restaurant that serves Mediterranean fare with a bit of New American cuisine. I remembered the restaurant had a different take a year back and transitioned to the current situation when a new head chef was on board. When I saw this Yelp event, I immediately jump at it.

To be quite honest, the restaurant did well to impress the dining group that was invited by Yelp. Some of the impressions we got was that obvious it was catered to be high class, but at the same time fun, relaxing and chic atmosphere. Majority of the menu we sample as you seen above was more towards the sea catch affair of local source. With a dash of Mediterranean cooking and a bit of creativity, the dishes came out on gorgeous display.


The atmosphere of the resort hotel helps quite a bit, beautiful views, elegant settings, and a first class vibe gave anyone a chills of wanting to come back and visit for other dishes. I highly recommend their happy hour menu with the snapper ceviche. The cocktail menu serves delightful drinks as well.

As I said, gorgeous all around.

Now as in for the Yelp event, am I going to get invited all the time to this type of restaurant or dining? Probably not to be honest. The next even I got invited to was a lunch at a hoagie place. Yeah, quite a difference from an elegant restaurant in a five diamond hotel to quick bite at a strip mall.

No complaints, but that was the peak right there.

Aveo Table + Bar
1 Monarch Beach Resort N
Dana Point, CA 92629

Aveo Table + Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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