Monday, December 25, 2017

Best of the Best of 2017 - Bestia

I guess it's so cliche to do an end of the year list of best bites or best places you have gone to. Ever since so many of the end of the year lists are coming out with their own best places to visit, I was tempted to do one myself. Alas, it's just not meant to be.

The criteria I was thinking of was do one I have visited this year, regardless if it was opened this year or in the past year. Regardless of type of cuisine as well. More importantly, which place would be the one I can go back without a hesitation of a 2nd thought?

There was only one.

Bestia, considered by many as the standard bearer of Italian restaurant that is being measured upon for both its excellence in taste, but more importantly how it is compared for its buzz and energy that is captured on the place by its patrons. It's easy to judge by the taste and the decor, but it's harder to capture the feel and the liveliness of the places when people wanted to enjoy the night out.

Roasted Marrow Bone - spinach gnocchetti. crispy breadcrumbs. aged balsamic

People tend to go for the most newest and most decorative ambiance, but for a place that has been considered the highest revenue generated restaurant in Los Angeles, this place has all the menu of what people expect for Italian cuisine.

If you must order anything, you must go for their pasta dishes as the dish that are must order. All of the pastas are handmade at the restaurant with the ingredients you can only find at true authentic Italian locales. Under duress, I would chose the lamb ragu of Pici al Sugo di Agnello as my choice of pasta dishes.

Pici al Sugo di Agnello - Lamb ragu with Saffron and Capra Sarda

32oz Bone-in Dry Aged Prime Ribeye

Pizza - Burrata, Mozzarella, chili flakes, fresh oregano, and paprik

Burrata Pizza - (san marzano tomatoes, castelvetrano olives, oregano, fermented chilies)

The Pizza itself was the made of the quality of the highest order. You can tell that was the dishes we wanted to try the most in a city that is full of many pizza options. I must say this was on top of any pizza lover's wish list. Try the clam pizza, the acidity of the burrata with clam was just right.

Coffee & Donuts - Spiced Chestnut Zipole, Whipped Cream, and Coffee Ice Cream

If there's a dessert that is must try is their ever popular donuts that are made at the restaurant with ice cream and whip cream. It made look ordinary, but I assured it's not. Absolutely a try if you must.

Overall I do think it's a place I have no hesitation in going as you can see by the many dishes I have able to taste, but I do want to stress one thing about this place. You do need a reservation for dinner or expect the long wait for any possible chance of cancellations by others.

If you are waiting for the almost impossible cancellations made by others, you are going to waste at least a hour or two. So be smart and booked a ressie in .... a month in advance.

2121 E 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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