Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back to the Routine @ Taipei Golden Pork Chop Rice and Noodle (Rowland Heights)

Oh wow! I just realized on how much time have passed since my last post.

My new job pretty much have taken top priority and so many reviews are also in the back log. I just don't have the motor or the inspiration to write new post. Writing a new review seemed daunting at these busy times, but I think I was just satisfied by eating out and let the review peculate itself until I get the inspiration.

How did I decide to choose this pork chop place to be my next review? Well, truth to be told, my visit to Urasawa because a quagmire because I wanted to brush up on some of those dishes and my review of several other places was just too difficult to write in a few paragraph. In essence, this little place is my way of easing back to write more reviews.

My boy Kung Food Panda had mentioned a few times to me that this Taipei Golden Pork Chop was disappointing, but my co-workers loved this place. No need to ask because I know who I would trust for opinions on where to dine.

This cafe shared the space with a supposed Izakaya that was operating only at night while the pork chop operation occurs for only a few hours during daytime for lunch. I remembered a place called Brochette (the name on the side for the Izakaya) took a long time to finish decorating the interior a few years back. I was very surprised to see how minimal the decor was inside even after the long remodeling. Seriously, nothing inside of this place would ever suggest to me that an Izakaya was in effect.

When I dined here the first few times, the TV stationed next to the entrance door would be airing some Taiwanese broadcast shows for its Taiwanese diners. The food would come out in a lighting speed of only a few minutes as I witness the kitchen (through the glass) that they only have two items prepared for lunch.

The sad part about this place was that there was only two main dishes: Pork Chop or Chicken Leg. Both can be served either with steamed rice or in the noodle soup. In reality, the noodle soup is very bland and the meat's flavor would disintegrated in the soup. You can understand why I would skipped the noodle in favor of having the meat coupled with steamed rice instead.

For $6.50, the pork chop rice served with their own relish, stir vegetables, and soy sauce boiled egg always comes out in five minutes or less. It came out so fast from the kitchen, we often ordered to go for our office nearby. Very popular with my co-workers because it was fast with no fuss, but quite often I am unsatisfied after the meal.

1. Pork Chop Rice - $6.50

My impression of the lightly breaded pork chop was that I enjoyed the meat, but I am not that thrilled with the portions of the pork chop that was served nor was I happy about the minced meat that comes with the rice. For $6.50, I would have gone else to fill up my stomach, but for a quick pinch, I guess this place would have to do.

For a better pork chop and a better value, I would suggest going to Shu May for their larger portion with cheaper price. If you have to ask...yes, I can order an extra set of pork chops without the rice for $4.20. This would make an expensive meal if I decide to make an added purchase for one dish.

The menu is still a work in progress as they only 17 items, but with only four main courses so far. I would ventured a guess that they have a small staff and would only prepare a certain amount of dishes in three and a half hours of operation (the restaurant opened from 11am-2:30pm from Monday to Saturday). I think if they continue to draw a crowd like I have seen recently, they would have no problems in introducing new items to their menu.

One of the dish I would recommend was their cold tofu with preserved eggs. For most part, many of these small appetizers or cold dishes are passable in their version of Taiwanese food. It was very standard in terms of what was being offered, but you definitely can get better Taiwanese food in SGV.

Tofu with Preserved Egg - $3.70

That report is a bummer for me to consider coming back here regularly for lunch. Too bad I cannot sway any one from ordering from here or Red Ant because those two are tiring place to get lunch. The new hot spot for lunch in Rowland Heights?....Maxim Cafe.

Don't ask me why on that answer for lunch question in Rowland Heights. As in for me, I can't wait to go back out for dinner or lunch on the westside or SGV! Stay tuned because those reviews will come out very shortly.

Taipei Golden Pork Chop Noodle and Rice
1380 Fullerton Rd.
Suite 106
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 810-5570


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Kung Food Panda said...

I expect 5 reviews by the time I'm back from Canada! LOL

Honestly though, I'd rather have your lunch problems in Rowland Heights than Pasadena. There's really nothing good to eat around here, although I'd have to say Euro Pane is quite delicious.

Food, she thought. said...

That tofu with preserved egg looks fascinating. I have been on a hiatus from blogging too..time to get back into the fray.

Aaron said...

Pretty critical review but I guess you can demand a lot when there's so much competition in the area. I'm curious, Pepsimonster, are you Taiwanese?

K.J. said...

welcome back and finally see some new reviews from you!!
i was thinking the same thing about after all these reviews, how can you do any better and re-start with a simple pork chop rice would totally do the job. Looking forward the new ones!!


foodbin said...

cheap and economical.

shavedicesundays said...

I agree when things get busy it's so hard to get workign on the blog, but I look forward to those SGV reviews.

Right Way to Eat said...

Hey Kung Food Panda,

I wish it was that easy. I just barely got another review out. LOL

Hi FoodSheThought,

I'm glad you are back into the fray. It's hard once you were out of it and trying to write one just to break the ice. LOL

Hi Aaron,

Yeah, I'm Taiwanese. It wasn't so much that they were being out competed, it was just that they didn't offered that much in the first place. They do have potentials, but I doubt they want to improve on the menu since the 2 items is all they willing to serve. It's the same menu since they have opened last fall.

Hi KJ,

Thanks! Now I just need to get my grove back. LOL

Hi Foodbin,

I wished it was cheap and economical. There is a few other places I will get into in a short while that has a much better value and was cheaper than this place.

Hi ShavedIceSundays,

Thank you very much! I will try to work on the SGV area again soon!